Encounter with love

  • Encounter with love

  • In 2000, I graduated from the Military Academy, a Frontier Corps assigned to the south, border guards work of high tension, because we want to do with smuggling and drug trafficking gangs struggle to prevent prohibited items.

  • Border checkpoints even with me six female soldiers. Duty, our valiant majestic, no better than male soldiers inferior; duty, like ordinary girls, love together and talk about male soldiers.
  • We talk about the most Zhu Wei.
  • Zhu Wei, deputy commander of the reconnaissance battalion, is the the Corps most handsome male coolest Bing the famous sharpshooter Corps of Sanda champion, reconnaissance and hunt ability class ... when my greatest wish is that we can see him.
  • Quarters in front of the open space on until December day at noon my duty, laundry, sisters suddenly touched me, and said: "You do not always want to see Zhu, vice captain? Him to." Along her eyes, I saw five heavily armed men and soldiers, and a suit businessman walked over from the side of the dormitory. My eyes male soldiers who search, did not find out who especially would think that businessmen leisurely extraordinary temperament.
  • I regret to say their own views two sisters laugh heap, the original "businessman" Zhu Wei! Because of the special status, he rarely uniform, always dressed up as a different type of work requires people, businessmen, students, intellectuals, drug traffickers, and regardless of what type of person he dressed up as, makes it difficult to distinguish between true and false.
  • The second time I saw Zhu Wei, in February 2001.
  • After the Spring Festival, the day we were eating lunch, suddenly received emergency collection of command. The webmaster said a drug gangs to smuggle drugs into Hong Kong today, according to reliable intelligence, in addition to troops on duty to continue in the No. 1 Road on duty outside, we should immediately rushed to the No. 2 Road and No. 3 Road reinforcements ambush.
  • My task is to ambush at No. 3 Road, comrade-in-arms of the reconnaissance battalion ambush there before us, we are just reinforcements.
  • I lie motionless in the bushes, in the past three hours, only saw across the border have the personal shadow crossed the border line, came to my side, took a few steps, the man suddenly opened towards our side a few shots. I immediately raised a gun to fight back, the two sides launched a fierce gun battle. Just then, a figure leap out, overwhelmed me to the ground, almost at the same time, I heard the bullets flew whizzing around. I pushed the man, only to find he is Zhu Wei, his arm was shot and bled.
  • That the other has long ambush, the man shot and only tentative, and so the sound of my gun towards our side, on the other ambush together to shoot me, the Zhu Wei saved my life.
  • Zhu Wei took I moved to a place, when his intercom rang, No. 2 Road side call, said they heard gunshots, and asked not to reinforce. Zhu Wei said: "Do not come, obviously they shot the purpose is to attract attention."
  • Sure enough, not long before the No. 2 Road side to seize four drug dealers and two pack drugs donkey.www-soccerjerseys1store-com


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