The Encouragement of Others

Three days down of Jillian's Shred Level One workout.  Three days!  I hadn't even planned on one.  I'd planned on 20 minutes of exercise thinking I could walk or do something, but that number 20 is pretty clever because it's the length of Jillian's workout.  Who can argue with only 20 minutes of something?!  (Well, I can, but I didn't)

And the encouragement?  From my kids.  They don't really cheer me on or anything, but they said, "You should do Jillian, Mom" after I said I wanted to do it, but didn't want to do it.  I did a lot of talking about how I didn't want to do it at all, but I knew that if I did it, I'd feel proud of myself.  Kids like when their parents feel good and I like that I'm role modeling some important life lesson about effort and perseverence and all that stuff.

So I did it two days ago, yesterday afternoon and this morning!  It's hard enough to not be easy and to get a sheen of sweat and to later on feel my leg muscles telling me they are getting toned and strong.  It's easy enough to stick with it for 20 minutes.

I also have no chocolate cravings today - thankfully!  Nor did I pick up any more chocolate when  I was out - thankfully!  I'm not back to eating totally well, but my getting healthy compass is starting to point a bit more north and is only wavering back and forth a bit as opposed to flying all around like crazy.

Breakfast this morning was the usual sweet potatoes and eggs.  Lunch was kale with onion gravy, almonds and some chicken.  Not bad.

So for now, I'm feeling good and thankful for myself for starting to work on the exercise goal and thankful for my kids for encouraging me to do so.

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