End of Grey's? Is McDreamy's McDeparture Terminal?

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[Editor's Note:  It's true fellow Greyphiles, McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey himself is splitting Seattle Grace and not looking back.  Lindsay of LinzLovesYou dissects our pain. --Morgan]

If you’re a rabid Grey’s Anatomy fan like me, you might have needed medical attention of your own last week when Patrick Dempsey, love interest of title character Meredith Grey, announced he wasn’t renewing his contract for the show’s eighth season.

*code blue!*

Courtesy of ABC

If this is coming as news to you, I’ll give you a minute to get your heart rate back to normal again. But yes, you read the news correctly- McDreamy is McLeaving the show. Like my fellow devoted Grey’s fans, I’ve stayed loyal to the show for the past six years, despite it’s crazy and improbable plot lines, coworker hookups, doctor and patient hookups, and total overload of drama and sexy characters– for me, that’s what kept Grey’s going on its successful trajectory so far.

READ THE FULL POST (including Lindsey's analysis of Past Grey's departures)HERE!

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