At The End of Her Anchor

She has been drifting of late.

Not of late, more like many muches of late.

The tethers that anchor Her are stretched taut, threatening to snap - setting her adrift forever.

She could pluck a tune with them and sing of her struggle to create, to discover and define.

Beginnings lay ahead, should She choose them.

An infinite number, really...Beginnings both known and mysterious, essential and frivolous.

She lays the choices out in front of her, creating a mosaic of interlocking Beginnings that blend together – wholeness in the making.

She’ll arrange the words that create the Beginnings and She’ll share them with the world.


If only She would just begin, because...

The Beginnings, and the world that is overflowing with them, won’t wait forever.

Happy Year of New Beginnings, Everyone!




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