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Well, it’s official – I gave my resignation at my full-time job today. I haven’t mentioned what I do much on this blog for a number of reasons, one of the main ones being that I’ve been looking to leave for a while – to spend more time at home and to have more time to devote to my own projects – and it’s been hard to figure out how to talk about work without bringing my future plans into the conversation. So I decided just to keep quiet all the way around until my resignation was official – which it is now.  Hooray!!!


Part of what has made leaving easier is that I’ve been asked to stay on in a part-time capacity (seasonally, though).  So I don’t feel like I have to say goodbye to a community that I’ve come to love. It also gives my family some financial stability while I slowly transition over (hopefully, someday) to having my own projects – the bookstore, this blog and my programs – being my sole source of income. In order for that to happen though, I need to have more time to devote to them. Which I will have as of the end of April!  I am so VERY excited!

I’m also picking up a very new project – it’s not official yet, and it’s WAY different in terms of professional work I’ve done, but it’s relevant to this website. I’ll share that project in detail when it becomes official – sometime in April.

Holy cow – I’m going to be free from full-time work in just over four weeks!!  I’m scared and excited. Have you ever left a safe, stable environment for the unknown?  How did that work out for you? I’d love to hear people’s stories in the comments.  

I’ll be certain to keep updates going on the blog, since I’ll be more free to talk about work soon.  Wish me luck!!!

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