Endings and Beginnings



You probably think that I got my title mixed up, don’t you?  Not really.  In our house we are entering into the season of exactly how I wrote the title of this post.The Fereiras are at the end of summer for the most part.  In our house we live by the academic calendar due to my husband’s job at the college.Once August rolls around we begin the slow, painful process of saying goodbye to the things of summer and hello to the new school year.


This summer has brought a few endings to our lives.  The biggest one was the commencement ceremony for Jim’s doctorate.  While he still has to defend, almost all of the work is behind him.  Summer brought the end of junior high (the years of school that I hate the most) for our youngest daughter, this year both of my girls will be in high school!  It’s hard to see them both getting older, but they are developing into such beautiful young ladies, both inside and out.


CJ will begin to bring to an end probably one of the greatest summers he has had.  Tomorrow he will say good bye to Dr. Pickel and the horses at Cross Ranch, his home every Thursday afternoon for wonderful reading skill lessons.  Tonight, he will finish out his “coach pitch”Little League season.  Next year he’ll move into the regular Little League system.This has been a tremendous summer of growth in his playing, he truly understands the game, has improved on many of his skills and I believe has had more fun playing than he did in past seasons.He’s a leader on the team and the coaches enjoy having him.




He has all ready begun to say hello to the new school year himself.  This week he started “Summer Stretch”, a program through the “Targeted Services” of the school district.  This half day program is designed for those students that teachers select who need a bit of a boost before the school year starts.  They work on academic and social skills getting them ready for the year ahead of them.


I would be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous for the beginning of the school year for our son.Third grade will be a very big year for us.  The school work will be a bit harder, the reading demands will be greater and there will be a lot more writing assignments; all the areas that our son with his memory loss issues and his learning disability struggles with.    He is on the calendar to be retested right away in the fall to see if he qualifies for any services and I’m also torn by that.Do I want my son to have Special Ed services or would just a 504 plan give him what he needs? 


CJ is also due to have a high school mentor assigned to him for the school year, someone who will meet with him once a week, give him a break from class and just give him something to look forward to.  I am all ready praying for the young man that they will assign to my son, praying that he will be someone who will engage my son, really get to know CJ and be someone my son can look up to.


So, to be perfectly honest, while slowly saying goodbye to a wonderful summer, it is with apprehension that I look forward to the beginning of the school year.  I have a feeling it’s going to be a growing year for all of us!


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”  Seneca


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