Prepare To Be BloomStruck™ This Summer

The Endless Summer® Collection is the world’s first and best-selling assortment of re-blooming hydrangea. They are easy to grow, requiring a low investment in time, money and effort for a big reward. They are beautiful for gardens, containers and in cut and dried flower arrangements. No matter which variety, their big beautiful blooms enhance any outdoor living experience.

BlogHer and the Endless Summer® Collection introduced 10 bloggers to the new BloomStruck™ Hydrangea. Check out their planting posts and learn how you could win a $100 Visa Gift Card to purchase your own plant!

The Endless Summer Sweepstakes runs from 5/19/2014 through 6/26/2014 and is only open to individuals who, at the time of entry deadline, are legal residents of the United States and are 18 years or older. Click here to read the official rules. Winners will be randomly selected from all eligible entries. Good luck!

Gardening With Hydrangeas From The Endless Summer® Collection

We've lived on this property (my first ever house that wasn't a rental) for almost nine years and in those nine years, I've added perennials to existing garden beds, created 4 new garden beds, and if I could, I'd add even more! There are roses, catmint, poppies, sedum, hosta, boxwood, bee balm, phlox, day lilies, butterfly bush, peonies and two versions of one of my favorites: hydrangeas. Oh, those hydrangeas! Dependable, large, lush. Such beauties they are! ...more

Beautiful blooms with the Endless Summer® hydrangea and landscaping my front walk...

The front walk that we started last fall. It was too late to plant anything by the time we had the stones laid, and once we finally thawed from the arctic freeze, I was ready to plant! It was so exciting to know I was going to start all of my landscaping around such a pretty plant!...more

Gardening with Hydrangeas

Since I have a long way to go with my gardening and landscaping plans I decided to plant my hydrangea in a container for now until I find it a permanent home in my garden. Container gardening is great because it allows you to move your plants around the yard or porch as much as you need to so they get the right amount of light and water. ...more

Struck by BloomStruckTM (and a $100 Visa Gift Card)!

Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite of all flowers. Period. They have no competition. I love them most of all because all flowering things in the purple to blue to pink range are fantastic. I also love them because of their giant flower heads, because I'm fascinated by being able to change the color of the blooms by adding acid to the soil, and because I just plain love classic flowers....more

After this Winter, I'll Take Endless Summer

It's time to get busy out there... and wipe away all those memories of the "white winter" and add some Endless Summer® to our yards! So here's my question to you. Did that horrendous winter we had, when we thought the snow would never stop falling, and the temperatures would never rise about freezing, make you want to get outside and get your hands in the dirt to create some beauty for your own yard?   ...more

BloomStruck™ Hydrangeas + $100 Giveaway!

Then we built a home here, in the country, on a dirt road in the middle of no where. Where we have plenty of land, a tractor named Bubba, and... lots of dirt. And so with visions of beautiful flowering blooms in my head, we started digging and built my very first garden....more

How To Grow Hydrangea

I can’t think of any other shrub or flower that elicits the emotional reaction that hydrangea does. Hydrangeas are gorgeous, uncomplaining workhorses returning to the garden year after year. It seems everyone from the novice to the experienced gardener grows a hydrangea or two in their garden. ...more

The Endless Summer® Collection Plus A Chance to Win A $100 Visa Gift Card!

This year we had a particularly harsh winter here in NC. I didn't know that I was suppose to clip my bushes back to 12-15 inches and cover them with mulch. So all of the new buds that were forming died. Luckily the plants are still healthy and starting to leaf out, but I don't know if I will get blossoms on my older plants this year.  ...more

Planting Hydrangeas for Summer Color + a GIVEAWAY!

It almost seems silly to write a post about how to plant and grow these pretties, because they are so easy to grow, there's really not much to it... another reason why I love them! However I do have a few tips for you. The first one is, that picking a location is really important. I've found that my Hydrangeas love morning sun, but the afternoon sun is just too much for them. ...more