The end-of-the-month-blues, or, What Shall I Write About Today?

When I woke up this morning, I had an idea in my head that was so absolutely brilliant that when I wrote about it, it would go viral. Servers would go down because they wouldn't be able to handle the load. The president (yes, that one) would call and invite me for dinner. My fortune would be made.

So I got out of bed, pulled on my robe, and wandered out into the studio. I walked over to my computer, but before I could start to write, I stubbed my toe on a table leg. I didn't scream in pain, but I did wake from my dream. I was unpleasantly surprised to discover I was still in bed. Not brilliant topic, no server-farm overloads, and no call from Washington.

Now it's almost 4 pm and I've been up since 9. I still can't think of what to write about. Maybe that's because I've been innundated with so much insanity over the past few days that nothing I could come up with could hope to compete with it.

Consider: a governor (WI) who wants to return state employees to the state of peons. Another state (MD) which, while thinking about allowing gays and lesbians to marry, still doesn't think transgenders have the right to use public restrooms conforming to their gender status. Still another state (AZ) that wants to secede, and a county within that state which wants to secede from the state in order to join the Union as a new state. An overweight drug-abusing hate-radio host who calls the First Lady "out of shape."

I could go on, but you'd think I'm crazy. Honestly, folks: I am not making this up! It's all been on the news or the (reliable part of) the internet recently.

So I guess all that leaves for me this time is to ask a question: How can anyone in the United States look at what is happening in this country today (especially in Washington, D.C.) and still claim--with a straight face--that aliens from space haven't taken over the government?



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