I don't sleep well at night, never have.  I did experience a time not too long ago,  when I did fall asleep at 11:00 PM and stay asleep until 6:00 AM.  I'm newly retired, I live far away from the daily stress I used to endure so I should be fine right?  I'm tired today, tired and trying to endure the fatigue that washed over me like a downpour of rain.  I must persevere though to endure.  I have the strength within my heart to make it, I just have to believe.  I feel like my heart and body betrayed me when I had my heart attack.  I still feel that way when I try to do things like walk the dog, climb the stairs, and scrub the bathroom!  I used to perform these chores no sweat!  What happened to me? I often wonder, will it get better? 


I need to loose weight, weight that sticks to my ribs like concrete!  It won't budge!  Maybe I need to start eating breakfast.  Anyone else like me and do a coffee IV in the morning?  I've even turned vegan and bought Dr. Essey's book, the dr that developed the diet Bill Clinton is on.....must work for males cause I haven't heard of a female heart patient yet rave about loosing weight.  Even my husband has and feels better!  Hmmmmmm???????  I want a chocolate hit so bad! 

Tomorrow will be a better day, the sun will shine here at the, "North Pole of the USA" and more of my daffodils will bloom.  The warm breezes will blow and my cheeks will have that, "sunkissed glow" from being outside.  I have some gardening projects I want to do tomorrow so I'll focus on that, nothing major, just putting in my moon or solar lights, hang a few windchimes, and set my garden guards, the gnomes out.  I'll just ednure this little setback today and tomorrow it'll be blue skys, sinshine, and lollipops!  :) <3


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