Energizing your New Year

Resolutions to Energize Your New Year


     As I join an amazing community, I wanted to start the New Year out right. I like most small business women having been feeling the effects of the sluggish economy. I struggle to stay focused on the end goals when times get tough. If I allow myself to stay stuck in the moment of dissmal sales figures, sluggish response to my advertising efforts, problems in the work place my efforts become lost.  I have to get back to my roots. I am passionate about my customers and their needs. I know my products well and I must stay focused on what is my next step in attaining my goals. I hope to share some of my knowledge as well as my mistakes. We can all do better in these tough times if we become our own best friend. Give yourself a break, try to forgive your shortcomings and focus on your goals. Take just fifteen minutes a day to stop and breath deeply. Meditate quietly. Let your brain rest with no thoughts. Refocus, jot down a mission statement. Take the next step - determine what is the next step it will take to achieve your mission statement. Perhaps today you can only add something to your wish list. I challenge you to take a baby step together with me to move forward with something you can do today to achieve your goal. An active step. I am contemplating the many options for improvement. Are you? Make the best of the New Year. Make 2012 the best ever.