The Energy Of Public Speaking

Owning Sexuality Event 2010
I have been hosting women’s inspirational workshops for over a year now. They began as Pink Posse events & in January we re-branded ourselves as Branch Out - new energy, fresh message, new events, new faces. Our goal is to expand our audience & reach more people - thus inspiring more to live lives that they love.

All of the workshops are Dallas local & super fun. Each one speaking to something different.

Today’s workshop is in Arlington, Infuse Your Life With Love. In the spirit of Valentines Day we will be talking about what self-care looks like, how it feels & also how aromatherapy can play a role in your self-care routine.

I am leading this event. No matter how many times I do this, I still get nervous before I go up & speak.

Public speaking is a process that I am still learning a lot from - mostly about myself. How I contain my energy, how I share, how I give it away & also how to maintain a balanced give/take relationship. Most of my experiences leave me exhausted after the workshop is over. I am determined to do the work to learn to keep my energy level consistent - no matter how many people I am speaking to.

Today I am going to try something new. I plan on getting to the event early, taking 10-15 minutes to myself and meditating (in a private place, maybe my car). I feel that getting focused and calm on the inside will allow me to show up that way to others.

Though the feedback I have gotten is that I already appear that way to others- I want to FEEL that way on the inside while presenting.

Wish me luck!



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