Engagement Rings

Big, over the top, expensive or otherwise ridiculous engagement rings are stupid (like my sophomoric vocabulary?) in my opinion. I don’t say this because I am envious or because I don’t enjoy over the top-ness; in fact my engagement ring is much larger than I ever expected AND I love to do over the top things. Generally I don’t even wear my engagement ring, I stick to the simple, jewel-less wedding band that my husband and I selected the day before we left for our wedding.

Recently, I watched the movie, Bride Wars with some friends of mine. When Kate Hudson was presented with a hunk-a-hunk-a ring there were some loud gasps and screams in the theatre. It was rather humorous! I even joined in a second or two afterwards to mock them. (Spoiler Alert) Contrary to reality, Kate Hudson and her partners characters actually were the couple that stayed together in the end and Anne Hathaway with her modest ring (modest only in comparison) walked away without the man who bestowed her with it.

Acceptable Large Jewelry:

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