English Majors

tetragona: 6 things you’ll never hear from an english major All true.

1. You'll never hear me say that I have too many books. Unless I'm moving. Then I'm constantly bitching about having too many damn books.

2. You'll never hear an English Major say they don't need a calculator? Huh. I usually don't need one. I guess it's that background in engineering. People do look at me weird when I say I have an MA in English. I don't look like the type.

3. Yep...you'll never hear me say that I hate coffee. I love it, want it, need it.

4. English Majors don't like Nicholas Sparks? Hmm. I understand why some people might not like him, but those are the same people who haven't read Message in a Bottle. I will agree that his books follow (almost) the same plot lines:

  • Start with two white people
  • Include an obstacle that makes love between them seem impossible
  • They fall in love anyway
  • Throw in a completely-out-of-left-field, exploitative, awful disaster (or a stalker) that only serves to make you cry and turn an otherwise unforgettable romance into a tragedy.

I still say Message in a Bottle is the best. Seriously...eternal love? Awesome!

5. I've only said that the movie was better than the book ONCE and I can't remember what it was. Sorry.

6. I'm always ignoring Microsoft Word, especially when it comes to "fragmented sentences." We talk in fragments and you should write like you talk.



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