Enhance Your Assets with these Weight Training Workouts

Are you in a rut at the gym? Do you do the same weight lifting routine every time you go in? Or even worse, do you not lift weights at all? Don’t fret. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. MEGA CIRCUIT!!!

‘What is a mega circuit?’ you might ask. A mega circuit is where you pick 3 to 5 different exercises and perform one set of each 2 to 3 times through. If you choose the higher volume of sets and rotations, that is, 5 different exercises 3 times  through, by the time you’ve completed that circuit you will have completed 15 sets! To put that into context, a full workout is generally considered to be 22 to 30 sets total, if you do two high volume mega circuits you will do a complete workout, with the built in benefits of hitting a wide variety of muscle groups with minimal rest.


Here is a sample workout consisting of  three mega circuits. Remember to pick a weight that gets really hard by the 12th to 15th rep for optimal muscle building:

Circuit #1: 3 ROTATIONS

Weight-Lifting - lat pull down female

Photo retrieved from www.fitbodyhype.com

1. Leg Extension
2. Leg Curl
3. Lat Pulldown
4. Dumbbell Chest Press
5. Ab crunches (1 minute) 

Circuit #2: 2 ROTATIONS

1. Dumbbell Squat
2. Incline Cable Fly
3. Seated Cable Row
4. Backward Dumbbell lunge with Biceps Curl
5. Total Body Bent Leg Ab Crunch with Twist (1 minute)

 Circuit #3: 2 ROTATIONS

 1. Hip Abduction
2. Dumbell Overhead Press
3. Hip Adduction
4. Rope Triceps Pushdown
5. Medicine Ball Ab Twists (1 minute)

 You can always pick different exercises than these of course. Remember, mega circuits will keep you moving and efficient in your never ending quest for optimal fitness gains. Mega Circuits = Mega results!

- Phil Silberman:  NASM, CGFI


Feature Photo retrieved from weightliftingsupplementsreview.com


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