Enjoy a Girl's Weekend with Getting to Happy

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I feel like I just got home from a long girls weekend after reading Terry McMillan's Getting to Happy. You know the kind of weekend? Everyone talks over each other, and you're able to catch up with girlfriend who you've known for a decade or more. It's exhilarating, emotional and a whole lot of fun. That's how I found Getting to Happy.

I didn't actually read the first in this series: Waiting to Exhale, but that didn't stand in the way of enjoying this book. There's something about having girlfriends who know everything about you and love you anyway. That theme is easy to relate to whether you're 20 or 80-years-old. I found this story easy to fall into, even without the back-story of the first novel.

Groups of girlfriends often have the same characters. I found a few of my girlfriends in this novel. Robin would say something, and I would think, 'yep, my friend Janice would do that same thing.' There's something comforting about that, and finding that comfort with these characters is what I found enjoyable about the book.

The trials and tribulations, as well as the funny and touching parts, of this book remind you why girlfriends are so important. The male figures in this story float in and out, but it’s the girlfriends who are unwavering and constant. Hopefully, every woman can relate to this, whether she has a group of six girlfriends or one tried-and-true confidant. There’s something about the love between women that can be unending and forgiving. We all need to be reminded of this occasionally, and we need to let our girlfriends know how important they are to us.

My “girl's weekend” with the ladies in Getting to Happy was a wonderful whirlwind, and after I catch my breath, I’m going to call my real girlfriends and plan our next weekend.

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