Enough with Promoting Natural Gas

There are so many ads on TV (especially on CNN) about how safe and clean natural gas is. It is proclaimed to be the answer to our energy and jobs needs.

I own a little cabin on a tiny pristine lake in northern Pennsylvania where we see beaver, . bald eagles, deer, a brown bear and cub, and turtles up close and personal. Several years ago a big natural gas company  wanted to buy the rights to drill on our property for a lot of money. I got my environmental engineer son to look into it. He said there were still serious concerns about chemicals leaking into the ground water and polluting our lake. He had these issues ready for the representative from the gas company, and when they heard them, the company withdrew their offer. Since then, we have heard of other lakes in Pennsylvania where people sold the drilling rights, and found their lakes polluted just as my son had predicted. The technology is not what they say it is. They have to do clear cutting around the sight and there is a lot of noise that would disturb the wildlife. It would   have ruined this beautiful wildlife refuge and many like it. 

And these ads seem to have forgotten all about human induced climate change which is a huge crisis for life on our planet. Natural gas is better than oil (which they also want us to develop) but it still produces greenhouse gases. If we put major resources into  developing alternative energies, we could put a lot of people back to work and stop the progress of climate change.

The popular ads about natural gas and oil say at the end, "Is this good news?" and the person in the ad says, "Without question." Well I have plenty of question and I hope you do, too.   


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