Enough with the Skinny Jeans Already!

I will be the first one to admit that I am not built like a super model. Sometimes I work at it, sometimes I don't, but even when I do, I will never ever ever get down to a body that will look good in skinny jeans. And neither will my daughter, who let's face it, has my genes and my parents' genes, and their parents' genes and so forth, all of which amount to no possibility of fitting the skinny jeans trend.

But is it actually a trend? I mean, jeez this is the second, maybe even the third year that skinny jeans have been in stores, and the scary thing is that this year, it's pretty hard to find jeans that aren't skinny ones. And when she can't fit into them, what message will that send to a seven-year-old about accepting the way she looks?

Nevermind the question of whether we should be dressing our children like miniature adults, with clothing that accentuates their feminine parts (or the areas where their future femininity will appear), but I wonder, when is this trend going to end??


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