Local Arts and Artists

I wrote a post about a place in my town where local artists reside....http://www.blissfulpages.com/bookends-diary-101/...more

Art Is Love. Art Is Work. Art Is Football.

Art is love.Deep in our hearts, most of us long to be artists. Most artists, deep in their hearts, long to be some other kind of artist.I can write, but I would really like to be able to sing.Dan can sing, but he would really like to be able to draw.Jason can draw, but he would really like to be able to paint.Peggy can paint, but she would really like to be able to write.And all of us wish we could be better at the creative things we can do....more

The importance of unstructured play

 My youngest, who recently turned five, loves to draw and colour. She started when she was about three and to this day spends a few hours daily doodling and creating things. I've always let her colour, more or less at will. She has to show up and pay attention to lessons during homeschooling, but otherwise she's free to colour whenever she has a spare moment. ...more

BBC Mural project

 Welcome to my pet art project of the year: The Burnt Bridge creek Mural project at Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary School, Vancouver, WA. I am the sole artist and muralist who executed this mural that was originally concieved by a teacher at the school, and whose theme is "A Legacy of Literacy." I am hoping to raise funding as well as awareness to this valuable public art project. Please visit the non-profit website featuring my project below, and see what all the fuss is about! I am also a parent, and can see the value of having art within the school....more

One Show at a Time

A couple of months ago a friend and I took our kids to a children’s concert at the St. Louis Symphony.  As the start of the show approached, we rushed to take our seats. Happily, I noticed a few familiar faces from our elementary school. But as everyone began to settle into their place, I noted that there were more empty spaces than I would have liked to see. I was surprised....more

Polo Massenzio a new cultural center in the heart of Rome opens with "Vie di Fuga" (ways of escape)

encounters of music, poetry, theater, dance from 3 November2012 - to 21 June 2013Polo Massenzio, Via Palermo 28 - Rome ...more

The Man behind the Mask

If you are familiar with my husband’s work, Chris Mockenhaupt, (@Mockenart.com), than you are fully aware of the vivid display of color in bold medium, on wall art, painted furniture, digital photography, but more importantly, who is the man behind the art? Is he just a painting on a wall or does he perhaps have his own hopes and aspirations beyond making a name for him while making money that he loves to do? Better yet, who is this man behind the mask? Armchair politician?---perhaps…that and much more....more

Pick Your Favorite Artists and Painters

After two weeks of political conventions and energized social media, I thought it might be time for a poll that offers choices a little less contentious and fraught with polarization. This week we want to talk about art. Who are your favorite artists? Do you appreciate the grand old masters like Da Vinci or Michelangelo? Wouldn't you just love to see the Mona Lisa smile in real life? Or perhaps you find Van Gogh's tormented life and gorgeous transcendent paintings the most inspiring?...more
My favorite panting of of time is Starry Night....I have always loved that painting since I ...more

Chicago Fringe Festival

Arts & Entertainment.. Support Thriving Local Artist... While Saving Your WalletChicago Fringe Festival ~ 9/1 - 9/9http://chicago.broadwayworld.com/article/Curtis-Drake-Shepard-Brings-UNMASKED-to-Chicago-Fringe-Festival-91-9-20120821Featured Over 50 stage productions... Plus my friend Curtis Drake Shepard!...more

Occupation Politics and Art

There I said it: politics and art.  The phrase alone can be enough to make you want to hide under a pillow.In these days of Occupy Wall Street and all manner of in your face politics, what is the relevance of artistic experimentation? I ask this as someone who has a history of political activism (and who has been at the sympathy OWS marches in NYC) and who also creates theater (primarily) that is on the experimental edge of experimental, what some would uncharitably refer to as 'elitist' or if particularly miffed 'pretentious.'...more