Make A Little Summer Magic

Cheers! Summer is officially here. And based on the weather here, summer didn't want anyone to forget it. It was H-O-T all week. After weeks of back and forth warm-and-then-cold-rainy-days, summer is here full throttle. And I'm excited that our tall, seeding grass will die back soon, so I can perhaps breathe clearly again. Sniff sniff. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ So, on the solstice we managed a few fun activities. Finally. ...more

What a perfect craft for sunny days!more

Cut Stick Glue! My scrapbooking son

Thanks for your comments - I think he's a dude too, but I'm somewhat biased! Believe me, he ...more

Pleasing Purple Treasury Great Finds at Great Buys

 apothacary chest by RavynsprtGlimmering Gems Purple HeartAnd there is more to find on this treasury I made of all the purple items I had found and favorited on Etsy.  Come and explore!...more

Artists with Autism

I have  not been offically diagnosed but my brother has, I am a person with Asperger's Disorder, or highly functioning autism, however I don't call it a disorder, more of an inconvienance to me.  Those who are autistic have a tendency to have narrow focuses on things, some of those things can be very odd like mechanics of gearshifts.  Mine just happens to be art and color which has caught my eye.  When I was young uh around eight or so my parents took me to this art museum that is next door to the San Deigo Zoo....more

Green Man Wizard

I have had this painting for two years I think.  I love the Green Man motif and wanted to do something different so I made a Green Man Wizard.  I was trying to get a better picture of it but then the old digital camera my dad gave me just conked out on me!  So I have to use this older pic I had, pulled it from my Artid site.  I posted it up on Etsy and can be found here...more

Celtic Creativity Treasury on Etsy! am so honored to be chosen in this treasury, and have my Celtic Knotwork Wolf painting featured!  This is a neat treasury and I hope you will like it as well. There are a lot of neat items including a toddler sized Scally cap and it looks soo cute!...more

Leafy Sea Dragon

 Leafy Sea Dragons live off the coast of Australia and are interesting to paint though this is the first one I have painted I am planning on another one soon. This one is painted on an 11by14 canvas and is unframed. I just listed this at a lower price for summer, it was $177 now it's $120.

Greenman Photo Print

 This is a photo print of my Greenman painting, it is done on photo paper plus glossy II with a boarder. Can be placed in any standard photo frame. I don't know why but the photo showing on the monitor looks like there are stripes going through the picture, my photo does NOT have those stripes.

BlogHer Digital Collage Artist/Nature Photographer Newbie :)

I just joined the BlogHer community, and I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow artsy chicks.  I'm in my first year of really promoting my photography and digital collage art.  It's still a little overwhelming to try and be visible online and stand out... I'm hoping to learn from other artists who have been at it a while and learned what works, etc....more

Be Aware and Friends Bearing Gifts