Greenman Photo Print

 This is a photo print of my Greenman painting, it is done on photo paper plus glossy II with a boarder. Can be placed in any standard photo frame. I don't know why but the photo showing on the monitor looks like there are stripes going through the picture, my photo does NOT have those stripes.

BlogHer Digital Collage Artist/Nature Photographer Newbie :)

I just joined the BlogHer community, and I'm looking forward to connecting with fellow artsy chicks.  I'm in my first year of really promoting my photography and digital collage art.  It's still a little overwhelming to try and be visible online and stand out... I'm hoping to learn from other artists who have been at it a while and learned what works, etc....more

Scrapbooking Your Christmas Cards | A DIY Project

Your Christmas tree is down and your holiday decorations are all put away, right? And if you're like me, your Christmas cards are put away too, stored away in the attic or outside storage house? Not anymore! Don't put those cards away yet!  And all the old ones?  Pull those out, too! We're gonna organize them in a Scrapbook!  I worked on mine for several hours and I'm tickled with the results. Yes, I was alone in the house for the afternoon...I have teenagers and they are preparing me for the empty nest syndrome and are never home....more

Kindness V. Honesty: A PassionsPath Blog

Your good friend—Claire, let’s call her—is an actress. She fell in love with theater and acting in high school (where you fell in love with writing and music). Claire’s pursued acting as a profession with a focus and determination that can only be described as admirable. She’s taken risks—financial, social, professional (all sorts of “-ial”s—in order to achieve what we’d all call “a successful acting career.”  ...more

6 Best Online Resources for Preschool Activities

Moms are always looking for the best online resources to help children learn fun new things that educate the mind....more

Let's Bring Physical Education to the Classroom

My child took her reading classes in a closet.  They moved aside the boxes (they couldn't remove them because there was no where else to put them, so they stacked them up against the walls) and brought in a little table and tiny chairs, and that closet was where she went for her reading group. Fun....more

The Meme’s The Thing

There seems to be a reading habits meme circulating around the blogosphere over the last couple of weeks.  I have run across it on several different blogs and have enjoyed reading the writer’s responses to the questions posed.  In that interest, I have decided to continue the meme here at The Liminal State.  This list was originally 50 questions long and I don’t feel that my personal habits are nearly that interesting so I have taken the liberty of removing questions that seemed redundant or not applicable or a that I thought were stupid…my apologies to the original m...more

Pretty Little Liars is a pretty good teen drama

Although Pretty Little Liars series had started only recently, it has been pretty successful in acquiring great heights. The series is quite breezy and instantly enjoyable. The Pretty Little Liars episodes are so amazing that in five years it has become one of the biggest hits with approximately one million viewers watching it every week. ...more

I am not a writer, I just play one on the internet.

I’m not a few other things too, but I thought I’d start with the obvious… ...more