Creative Aging and the Happy Life

I've been an artist all my life and I am passionate about creative aging-- engaging creativity with a Big C or a little c....more

More Than Your Girlfriend

Tired of the cliches? Just be yourself. There is no one else like you. Follow your calling. Be all that you can be. How? ...more

Mommy and Daddy's wedding weekend

Wedding weekendDecember 16th 2009 7:49 am ...more

Just Wrong On So Many Levels


I'm Talking to You QVC, HSN, MSNBC . . .

Shopping channels make millions of dollars in profit every year while customers agree to: not see what they purchase before buying it wait 7-10 business days to receive what they purchased pay arbitrary shipping and handling rates have no human interaction. Why? ...more

Unique Ideas for Personalizing Jewelry

BayaYou may own a piece of jewelry with only your name, initials or medical information engraved on it. There are other unique things that you can engrave when giving someone a very special piece of jewelery. When giving such a gift to someone, it shows that a great deal of thought went into it.When a couple gets married, many have the date of their marriage engraved on the inside of their wedding bands....more

Choose the next blogger for the Indianapolis Museum of Art

Today the Indianapolis Museum of Art announced five finalists in its blog contest. For the next five Wednesdays, they’ll be posting an entry from one finalist. Readers get a chance to choose the IMA blogger of choice by voting on March 3. ...more


"Action is character."- F. Scott Fitzgerald Risa is a transition coach who helps women design and achieve positive financial and personal goals.  Visit - ...more

Trend Watch

Here are 3 common items worn today that are predicted to be obsolete in the next 50 years are: 1. Eyeglasses - Corrective contact lenses and LASIK sugery are reducing the number of people wearing prescription clear glasses. (What about sunglasses?) 2. Watches - Cellphones are the latest preferred method of telling time. 3. Neckties and Pantyhose - Traditional offices are becoming a thing of the past. What else is going the way of the bustle or what is becoming more prevalent (beside tattoos)?   ...more