Why I Think We Should Give Bristol Palin a Break

I'm going to assume that you've already heard Bristol Palin's recent happy news: that she is expecting her second child. However, it seems that no one is actually happy about it.For the past few days since she made her initial announcement, just about all I've seen on the internet is ridicule and disgust (from Fox News to Joe Schmoe on Facebook), so much so that Bristol made a second statement essentially telling everyone to "back off."...more

An interview with Fashion Designer - Dominique Auxilly

Dominique Auxilly...it all started with a $300 sewing machine and a dream...more

When Celebrities Stand on the Soapbox…

Celebrities. The public tends to flock to whatever their celebrity idol considers en vogue, be it clothing, a diet or a new hairstyle. But what happens when that new trend is a philanthropic cause? Without a doubt, the likes of Beyoncé, Cedric the Entertainer and Alicia Keys have been largely well received for their stance on major social issues and personal dedication to their causes. However, not all celebrities have stood on quite so sturdy a soapbox, leading many to question the merit of the cause they represent. So, let’s explore the hotly contested issue of celebrity advocacy....more

Pristine White Gloves and a Happily Ever After

So what exactly was it about the White Gloves that sparked a whole new Twitter Account - not to mention the mountain of fashion police-esque controversy?...more

How Do Pop Stars, Movie Stars, and Billionaires Spend Their Money?

Assuming you’re an average person, when you read or hear about pop stars, actors, and CEOs of successful companies making millions or billions of dollars, you probably feel a certain disconnect. It sounds very appealing, but you and I can’t really comprehend what $50 million, $500 million, or $5 billion looks like … let alone what it can buy.To be honest, most rich and famous people don’t have any better idea. What do you buy when you have too much to spend? This is the question many celebrities and entrepreneurs have to ask themselves....more

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Society’s Problem with Sexual Moms

Let’s start with a question: Have you seen Kim Kardashian’s ass lately? And if the answer is no, under what rock do you live? Last week, Paper Magazine released their Winter cover, featuring the extra-glossy derriere of America’s favorite celeb to talk smack about, and although it didn’t actually break the internet, it did immediately ignite the controversy Paper Magazine no doubt intended. There are a lot of questions surrounding the Great Nude Cover of November 2014, but there’s one in particular that sets my brow to furrowing. Can a mother be sexy?...more

I'd Rather "Break the Internet" With My Brain

THINGS I’D WANT TO BE KNOWN/FAMOUS FOR:My humorMy intelligenceMy compassionMy kindnessMy friendshipMy witMy skillsMy talentsMy loyaltyMy adviceMy hard workMy generosityMy accomplishmentsTHINGS I WOULDN’T WANT TO BE KNOWN/FAMOUS FOR:My enormous ass...more

Let's Talk About Why This Amanda Bynes Thing Isn't Funny

Guys, can we talk about Amanda Bynes for a sec?  I really didn’t want to do this, but I feel like we have to. So, yeah… Amanda. ...more
Odessa Jones 100%!  Agree with you on all points.  Thanks for reading/commenting!more

Top Spots to Star Gaze During TIFF

The Toronto International Film Festival is one of the most exciting times of the year in Toronto, with a ton of different restaurants and hotels a breeding ground for cool events and celebrity sightings. In light of this amazing time, we have compiled our list of the top spots to star gaze during TIFF and some of the venues may just surprise you!...more

Demi Lovato talks about battling eating disorder

Years ago, Karen Carpenter's struggle with anorexia was viewed as a rarity. Now, celebrities are opening up about their eating disorder battles. Among them: Devi Lovato, who has authored a book of affirmations, which she hopes will help others: "Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year."...more