Miley Cyrus vs. Barbie: The Battle of The Blondes — PICS

By Lindsey DiMattina , Staff So much for Miley Cyrus just being Miley. It now looks like Cyrus is trying to be a Barbie Girl and trying to live in a Barbie world. Over the weekend, Cyrus posted six pictures of her getting her hair done — and well, quite frankly, it looks as though she took her color inspiration from a Barbie Doll by going platinum blonde....more
I hate myself for loving this. Damn you, Lindsey DiMattina!  www.whorrified.camore

If I Had My Own Talk Show...

MSQueen Talks!Does everyone get a talk show nowadays. People I have never even heard of have a talk show. Tyra Banks is giving out advice left and right about child rearing, marriage, health and what did she do for the past fifteen years? Oh, she was a model. Is she married? Does she have kids? Does she have a medical or journalism degree? No, you say. I am thinking I too am qualified for hosting a show. I can dress nice and talk. Apparently that is the only requirement....more

Designers I hate to love

 We call them guilty pleasures.  Things we like but are embarrassed to admit to our friends.  In my case, those pleasures include Dr. Phil, frozen yogurt bars and talk radio.   And also, apparently,  the Spice Girls. ...more

What Celebs Have Taught Me About a Size 6

I'm a rag mag reader. Yep, I am. I picked up one today that caught my attention because it had Kelly Clarkson and Khloe Kardashian on the front, and supposedly their weight loss secrets were on the inside. I was curious. Don't judge me. I read that Khloe Kardashian is claiming to be a size 6. Okay, that number seems to be very popular with celebrities when they lose weight. They all end up at a size 6, don't they? Seems to ring bells all over the place, doesn't it? That got me thinking... ...more

Yellow: Solange Knowles' Signature Color

Since Bey went on a hiatus to bond with Baby Blue, Solange has been on the scene harder than ever. I've always admitted to loving her style but not until reading one of my favorite blogs, I realized that she has an obsession with yellow....more