Nanny Goats Creates Frenzy at L.A. Landmark

Here's what I don't get: You haul your ass down to Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, taking your out-of-town visitors with you, to show off an historic landmark - The Hollywood Sidewalk of Stars, or whatever it's called (don't ask me, I just live here.) But you're walking... ...more

Celebrate Good Times!

The stars are out for the Inauguration  -Jill Jordan, We know the Obamas are getting top billing at the Inauguration festivities, but there will be plenty of extra star power on hand. ...more

25 Things You Might Not Know About Michelle Obama

The Brady Bunch, Barack's nose and her Easy Bake Oven -Elizabeth Lightfoot, author of Michelle Obama: First Lady of Hope / The Lyons Press, $14.95 /, ...more

Tuesday Tuneage: Angry British Girls

Why are British girls so much better at communicating their rage than us Americans? No, seriously. Where can we get some of that snark? We have spent much time praising the likes of singer-songwriters Kate Nash, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, and, who knows whether it's something in the water (or tea? har har), these girls all hail from the UK. We felt it only right then to dedicate the first article of Fabyuhluhs's regular Tuesday Tuneage feature to the women artists who, in accents we covet, inspire us to rock out and stick it to the man every time we hit play. ...more

Joan Rivers’ Guide to Beauty Under the Knife

Joan Rivers, plastic surgery maven, is sharing her experience in her new book:  Men are Stupid….And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery.  Apparently this is a very well researched and useful book; between quips Joan offers sound advice on finding a good plastic surgeon and what to expect in terms of the entire experience.  But in writing this book I suppose we’re meant to see Joan as an aspirational figure.  The message is that with thousands of dollars you too can beat back age and turn your face into a frozen death mask.  Sounds inviting – j ...more

Podcast: Interview with Comedians Tim Reid and Tom Dreesen

Recently I had the hilarious pleasure of doing a podcast interview with veteran comedians Tim Reid, of "WKRP in Cincinnati" fame and Tom Dreesen, a consummate standup comic and fixture on television and in comedy clubs across the country. I knew this podcast would be fun, I just didn't realize how much fun. I laughed so hard a few times it was hard to remember my questions. ...more

Milk Movie Review

Milk Movie Review     This past weekend I saw an incredible film that has a good chance at winning best movie ...more

Kate Winslet & "Slumdog Millionaire" Are Big Winners At The 2009 Golden Globes

Actress Kate Winslet and a little film called "Slumdog Millionaire" were the big winners at last night's Golden Globes.  Winslet was astounded as she took home two Golden Globes, one for "Revolutionary Road" and one for "The Reader." While "Slumdog Millionaire," the story of an orphan from the Mumbai slums of India who tries to win a million dollars on a TV game show swept the movie awards with four.  Danny Boyle the winning director for "Slumdog Millionaire" said in ...more

Hi Jen,

I read your post and loved it!

You and I were on the same page about a ...more

Internet Influencers Win an Epic Golden Globe

Tina Fey scored another award for her brilliant baby 30 Rock: a new Golden Globe award last night for Best Performance by an Actress.  Her acceptance speech was fabulous.  Heartfelt and funny just as you would expect, but mostly fabulous because she gave props to the power of Internet publishing. Tina's acceptance speech began by acknowledging that she knows she has been fortunate to have an exceptional year and is grateful for the reception her work has received. ...more

You know, I have to admit that, given the chance to stand in a room full of every camera in ...more

Oprah Winfrey, PLEASE Shut Up About Your Weight!!

DAHLINGS – Yesterday on CNN, I watched aghast as Oprah Winfrey tearfully confessed how “embarrassed” she was to attend a photo op with Tyra Banks and some other woman. Or maybe some other two women; I was a bit distracted by sheer irritation. ...more

...and thanks for saying it.  Really, it's been 20+ years that she's been talking about this, ...more