Marilyn Monroe Left No Kids Behind. Does Anybody Care?

Every generation is convinced that their icons are too colossal, too talented,  too...well, iconic, to ever be replaced.  For Baby Boomers, there's an added dimension of, "Angelina who?"...more

Kentucky Derby: The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Celebrity Hats

Oh, Celebrities. You make everything more fun. Even The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.Hollywood headed south this weekend to lend their glitz to the Kentucky Derby's glamour, and the results, of course, do not dissapoint. Except for the Brits on a Royal Wedding Day, nobody does it better. (Or at least, nobody tries as hard.)...more
Love hats and your captions were so fun :)more

Grosseries & Grotesqueries.

As you may have noticed, I have a keen, keen eye for assaults on my sense of hygienia, for egregious health hazards, and for downright disgustitudes. (As indeed have I a keen eye for spotting hand sani everywhere.)Today I was watching MTV's True Life, because, AWESOME. And this chick? who has a compulsive shopping habit? has THIS under her fingernails:...more

Bear Blu...rrrrgggh.

So this has been making the rounds:  Alicia Silverstone feeds her son, Bear Blu. Baby-bird-style.

Emerge! Fashion Show Honors Vogue’s Andre Leon Talley as Part of New York's Fashion Week

There's nothing like Fashion Week in New York and getting the chance to see designs from veteran couturiers or up and coming fashion mavens. This week, my girlfriend Judy and I got all dolled up and strutted our own stuff to the Broad Street Ballroom downtown and the Emerge! Fashion Show...more

Celebrities Stomp the Runway to Support Heart Health

In what has become an annual tradition, the Heart Truth Fashion Red Dress Collection Fashion Show, sponsored by Diet Coke, kicked off New York's Mercedes Benz Fashion Week with a star-studded fashion show at Hammerstein Ball Room. The show, part of a larger campaign by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), featured major celebrities (Christie Brinkley, Jenna Elfman, Gloria Estefan, Lala Anthony) donning red designer gowns to bring awareness to heart health. ...more
Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan, how I feel for you! :)more

Celebrities on Pinterest

Mark Zuckerberg joined Pinterest. (And guess what -- he likes Bridesmaids and Moneyball too!) He already has over 2000 followers all anxiously following along as he pins things he deems "awesome," which currently is only one thing... that his patronus is an at-at. But seeing Mr. Zuckerberg on the site made us wonder what other celebrities are pinning up their favourite things. Turns out, there are a few....more
I don't believe most of these celebrities are doing their own pinning. They have assistants, pr ...more

Who's YOUR Favorite Celebrity Mama?

Ok, I admit it. I have a few bad habits.   Bad Habit #1: On many a weeknight (or maybe EVERY weeknight), after Em has woken up and refuses to sleep in her crib for one minute longer, I bring her in to our king-sized bed....more

Go Mary!

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home This just in from The Hollywood Exclusive....(A little write-up on my sister Mary Birdsong)The Hollywood Exclusive by Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith Mary BirdsongFunny lady Mary Birdsong just finished her first guesting on “Raising Hope,” playing the mayor of the town inhabited by the hapless Chance family – a city official who might have a future on the show.“On the outside, she is very Sara...more