Diane Keaton in Real Life

A bulimic from age 22, Diane Keaton binged and vomited for three years until Woody Allen made her go see a psychoanalyst.She thought her nose was too big, so she slept with a bobby pin pinching it at night, “hoping the bulb would squeeze into a straight line.”Her mother was the “most important, influential person in [her] life,” but she didn’t really get to know her until after she lost her Mom to Alzheimer’s disease and adopted two children of her own....more
I saw her read from it at Book Expo America. There wasn't a dry eye in the room. I'm looking ...more

I Actually Am Surprised ... and Sad!

  This is of course the wedding picture of Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore...more

Celebrities that keep up the appearance that they are clean and sober, they aren't fooling anyone, so why put on the show?

Have you ever wondered why some celebrities despite clear indicators that their life is spiraling out of control, try to keep up appearances. It's exhausting really, and often times you watch celebrities hit rock bottom and then start digging. Do the really think that they are fooling anyone? Does anyone in the entire world think that Lindsey Lohan is sober or living a healthy lifestyle? But despite many clues that she is once again on a downward spiral, when the media noted her teeth having the appearance of decay or indications of a non-healthy lifestyle, what did she do?...more

63rd Annual Emmy Awards Red Carpet Fashion Recap

The stars were out Sunday afternoon for the 63rd Primetime Emmy® Awards in their fancy tuxes, gorgeous gowns and borrowed jewels, makeup just-so, trying desperately not to break a sweat under the hot California sun. But I'm sure they'd prefer the heat to the rain. The red carpet was swirling with reds, nudes, shimmer and a few bright colors here and there. Hair, jewelry, & accessories were kept simple and had an almost casual feeling like nothing was too overdone....more
I like Kelly's gown!more

My Thirteen Dream Interviews (of living people on the earth, I'm not a heathen or yes, Jesus would be on it, okay?)

These are in no particular order, so please do not make judgements about me based on who is what number. I just write it as it comes.  13. Florence King - one of my favorite authors since forever, I cannot imagine how cool it would be to actually be able to talk with her. 12. Taylor Swift - because my daughter would never forgive me if I didn't, were I able to do so. ...more
@bereccah Can't wait! I think I could have more fun with the dead list. So many unanswered ...more

Jennifer Garner : Under The Radar

In light of singer Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez announcing their marriage split a few weeks ago, I felt compelled to add my two cents to the mix. Okay, suffice it to say how adored by fans, friends and the media, these two talented, beautiful people have been for decades, even before becomming man and wife shortly after Affleck broke up with Lopez in early 2004, JLo had several high profile relationships { plus 2 failed marriages} with the likes of P....more

With Great Power......

Today's social media scene is fascinating and scary at the same time.  And I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (R.I.P.), and blogger sites like this one, have done more for small business owners, moms, job seekers, hobbyist, and lobbyists, than any one invention.  And live streaming, and Skyping have taken communication to a whole entirely new level....more

From Chastity to Chaz

I was born in 1963, which makes me 45 years old (for just a few more months.) This is important because it means that I grew up watching The Sonny & Cher show. I LOVED The Sonny & Cher show. I mean you didn't see women like Cher walking through the Piggly Wiggly and you certainly didn't see women talk to their husbands the way Cher talked to hers. And then there was Chastity. The best shows were the ones where Chastity appeared, usually singing "I Got You Babe" along with her parents. I loved that. ...more

shows up each time the subject of transfolk is broached. I get that for most, it is a figure of ...more