Raising a gentleman

To this day, whenever a man opens a door or holds my chair out for me, I glow a little inside. A little bit of gentlemanly behavior goes a long way these days. And maybe that is one of the reasons why I try to show my son how important it is to be a gentleman. I have taught him to open car doors for me and get the door to restaurants; I have explained to him that it is respectful to let a lady walk first....more

Characters or Plot?

Blogher Writing LabAugust Theme: TALESMonday, August 22, 2016 What matters more to you when it comes to fiction: Characters or plot?I prefer strong characters over plot. Well written, multi-dimensional characters can create and carry a plot.Thursday, August 25, 2016 What makes for a better story: Comedy or drama?Good comedy makes for a better story in my opinion. Comedy is hard to write and not every author can carry it off....more

Confessions of a Mid-Level Manager

I enjoy my job in corporate America, but my day to day life at work is somewhat different than I would have imagined in college. As a mid-level manager, my role consists of two main tasks: 1) leading meetings with people about topics I don’t understand and 2) creating PowerPoint presentations....more

4 Super Crappy 2016 Resolutions

 In the spirit of the New Year (or as my company’s language-challenged marketing department calls it, “The New Starts”), I have come up with the following list of resolutions to make myself a better person....more
marypurdy  Happy to accommodate! Thanks for reading my post :)more

Why are women still regarded as not being funny?

I still recall being horrifyingly disappointed during my undergraduate years when a very liberal and open minded male friend of mine said that female comedians weren’t funny. It seemed to me to be a preposterously outrageous thing to believe, and to publicly express. Luckily, most countries have gotten past the ridiculous idea that women are somehow less intelligent than men. However, it is still socially acceptable, and much more easily forgiven, to say that women aren’t funny. I suddenly found myself in a difficult position....more

Funnel Cake Flowers and The Urban Chameleons at NYC International Fringe Festival

Remember the choose your own adventure novels of our youth? With a technolgical twist, Atlanta based artist and comedian Haj leads audiences down a more urban path when her multimedia stage production Funnel Cake Flowers and the Urban Chameleons returns to New York City as a part of the 2015 New York International Film Festival running August 19-26....more

LIVE SHOW- World Breastfeeding Week Video| “Breastfeeding Woes as Told By Men”

World Breastfeeding Week Video Alert! This week’s MomCave LIVE is a special episode for World Breastfeeding Week and Breastfeeding Awareness Month.This week we released a brand new episode of Double Leche, our web series about the awkward and funny moments in breastfeeding. The episode was called “Breastfeeding Woes as Told By Men.” (scroll down to see it!)...more

Why the Silliness of 'Galavant' Is Maybe Not the Worst Thing Ever

There are two ways to do a musical series on television.One is to set the musical aspect in a world where characters have a legitimate reason to spontaneously break into song. Shows like The Partridge Family, Fame, Glee, and Smash all took advantage of that trope, having their characters perform at any and every opportunity. ...more
I admit, I have a "sassy" sense of humor and just love this! I thought this show was just a ...more

The Real Housewife of Comedy

I admit it...my biggest guilty pleasure: those damn 'Real' Housewives.  Don't make that face, I know  you're watching them too...wishing  it was you in that make-up chair getting your hair done by your portable gay with the magic wand. I wish I knew before I searched and searched for the perfect man that all I really needed was a gay guy. Ladies, those are the men we should be using our energy to find....more