Comedic Timing

I grew up watching Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy and Joan Rivers make us laugh.Yet, I am not the funniest person I am probably what Anna Akana considers an Insecure Person because I will distract, be a snark, and otherwise tell you the tale of a frog with four legs.Trust me that one is hysterical ...more

Taylor Swift ain't got nothing on me!

Melissa Logsdon: Actress/Comedy Writer...Songwriter? Taylor Swift is a songwriter and a good enough songwriter I suppose, but most of the songs she writes focuses on the young and/or hipster-like people. Give her like 20 yrs. and she will be singing to a different tune I'm sure. In fact, I'm working on a song for her for when that time comes. Believe me, it will be here a lot sooner than she thinks! The song is called 'Feels Like 42', it's not done yet but I will share with you what I have so far: 'Feels Like 42' by Melissa Logsdon ...more

Merry Christmas - Shitter's Full

MelissaLogsdon amazing! :) Tell me who else you're dying to see on #WATNmore

Do these sunglasses make my nose look fat?

I love to tell people that I'm a comedy writer/actress because I secretly hope that they won't judge me too much on my looks...I'm not bad looking but we all have those moments, let's be honest. When I make the mistake of asking my husband if my butt looks too big when trying on outfits to go wherever, he says 'Oh yeah'! To the men who may be reading this post...not the right answer, just to let you know. I admit it, I like to eat and I don't like to work out. I can't be one of those girls who has a piece of kale for lunch and does not include the word cupcake in their vocabulary....more

Walking a Tightrope

Well, it's Monday...not a very exciting day.  I look forward to the beginning of the week like I look forward to a live broadcast of a tightrope walk. Although If I had to choose, I'd watch Nik Wallenda risk his life over and over again if it meant I never had to suffer through any more broadcast football games....more

Larry the Cable Girl

I know, I know....I haven't been blogging lately and I feel like a lazy, bad person!! But in my defense- I spend so much time on Twitter and some on Facebook, plus checking emails. I have also been writing and filming some new material....blah blah blah. Ok, I'm just going to stop with all the excuses because it's quite pathetic! Who am I kidding? Most of my time is spent watching reality tv,  entertainment news or eating my feelings. The other day Kim Kardashian was shown out in public somewhere showing most of her boobs as usual....more

Famous (Not Famous)

Hi! Welcome to Melissa Logsdon Live!!  I write comedy, which can usually be found on YouTube ( or Twitter (  My background is in radio and film/tv (Cleveland OH). I love Jimmy Fallon and my cat Wednesday....and chocolate covered chocolate....more

Why Sheryl Underwood Is A BOSS

 When was the last time you shared a secret and got a standing ovation for it? Never! Me either. We can all take notes from Sheryl Underwood....more

Funny Not Funny

Sorry I haven't written....I especially apologize to all of my followers. Both of them. Hey at least I have followers. It could be worse, right? As a comedy writer, I feel like I should be funny all the time but sometimes it's hard to be all 'Ellen DeGeneres'! There is a lot of pressure when people expect funny. Some days I just want to take nude photos so they can get 'leaked' and I can finally get real followers... and lots of them. No offense to my two followers. This just isn't sounding good for me....more


The worst thing I can have right now is a blank blog page staring at me in the face waiting for me to be funny...this blog is after all, comedy-focused. Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm funny. It's like people in AA; they get up and do the whole' Hi my name is' blah blah blah. That's probably why Jane Lynch was in AA for so many years...she was probably trying to avoid blogging!...more