When Your Hormones are Getting the Best of You: Finding Balance and Happiness

My husband said I am bitchy. The other couple of things he said were very interesting, but being the lady that I am, not printable. I told him that I had not gone through menopause although my body was definitely making changes. He recommended that I get to a doctor as soon as possible and get medication for my problems. ...more

Phil Bronstein on the Colbert Report

I'm sure most of you had heard of the Globe's recent financial troubles. Check out San Francisco Chronicle VP and Editior, Phil Bronstein, on The Colbert Report discuss the current state of newspapers... ...more

The Basters; or Family Building is Funny!

Try this on for quirky--you're emotionally invested in becoming a single parent by choice and you decide to pursue donor insemination so you can experience pregnancy. After a careful search to choose your donor, your wacky best friend somehow swaps out the sperm sample for his skanky, untested fresh semen, you don't notice, and wham! you're pregnant with your best friend's baby. Not so funny? Yeah, I had the same thought. ...more

... just to signal "Total Absurdity Ahead."  Instead, she'll fall for the Bateman ...more

Musings from a black woman: I'm wise,

The Colbert Report ...more

What's New At Hulu and How YouTube Is Fighting Back

Last week was the first anniversary of a milestone in online video:  it was Hulu's birthday and across the internet, tech and video gurus alike are taking stock of the popular video site. Just as I predicted in my post about the site last year, Hulu has become a huge hit.  ...more

It never occurred to me because I don't have any hearing issues, but you're right, Hulu ...more

Well it's not going to kill you

I am totally confused. I was just trying to get my regular blog winecat.typepad.com listed and I ended up here HELP!  ...more

Your blog is already listed in the directory - more

Religulous among friends

I'm having the best day. I've gotten to spend the day with one of my bestfriends and got  to finally see Religulous. I would totally do naughty things to Bill Maher *drools* I did some major damage on the MAC website today. I got some much needed foundation, lipstick and eye shadows. I'm a lipstick whore LMAO I love the Mac Long wear pro or whatever it's called. Gotta have that kiss proof and everything else proof lipstick *wink* I spent part of yesterday clipping coupons. I have become a total coupon whore. I even got 2 FREE bottles of Suave lotion. ...more

Revolutions We Need: Women and Media Reform

I wanted to share an article about an emergent field (media reform) and what it means to women... http://www.ontheissuesmagazine.com/cafe2/article/36 From On the Issues magazine -Finding the Power in Women’s Voicesby Hannah Miller ...more

HBO's "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" A Review

When I first heard about HBO's new series "The No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency," I had high hopes that despite the dearth of minorities on primetime television, this show, set in Africa and with an all black cast, was going to be something special. After all look at what the production had to work with:  it stars the multi-talented Grammy award winning singer and actress, Jill Scott; the two hour pilot was directed by Oscar winner, the late Anthony Minghella ("The English Patient"); it was co-produced by the late Sydney Pollack ("Out of Africa") and co-written by Richard Curtis ("Four Weddings and A Funeral").  Unfortunately, the culmination of all that talent doesn't deliver as well as I had hoped, but the good does outweigh the bad. ...more

If nothing else you will love the beautiful visuals of Botswana.  And Jill Scott will charm ...more

Does Money Buy Happiness

The age old question does money indeed buy happiness? Over the last few days I have encountered a few grumpy cantankerous old men right here in Franklin and I am wondering if this rudeness is turning into a trend. Yes, Franklin, MA, my lovely town, the town voted one of the best 10 town's in the USA to live by Family Circle magazine. The town that we moved to 4 years ago to escape the rude miserable people who live in Boston. If you live in Boston, I don't mean you, it's the other people. In my friendly little town I have recently been dumb struck by rude ...more