A visit to The Hamptons, darling!

Who doesn't love Ina Garten, aka The Barefoot Contessa of Food Network Fame? She is a true Hamptons lady, with enough card parties and fruit platters to prove it. So it's okay if I poke a little fun at her right? Just remember folks, I'm not laughing at her...but rather with her (and hopefully all the way to the bank, heh). Without further adieu, here is my pilot episode of 'Mock Food Network Mystery Basket Challenge' featuring that classy and wonderful Hamptons lady! Enjoy darling......more

Mother-Daughter Dramantics.

Passa Passa (2004) knock's viewers dead with laughter while bringing outsiders into a scene of inner city life in Jamaica.  This is a real life narrative family drama of the challenges of Jamaica's lower-income women, and illustrates the Jamaican woman's unbreakable spirit and creative psychology.  Theatre Summary...more

They're All Mad There

The prompt for today is “If you had to be trapped inside a movie for 5 days, which movie would you pick?”I read this question twice.  Are you wanting to know what movie I would want to be trapped inside, as in a theater, watching over and over?  OR is this like “Pleasantville”, where I have to actually live in the movie?...more

You Might Be a Two-Year-Old If....

Two-year-olds, they are straight comedy. They’re equal parts copy cat and coming into their own understanding of the world. So they regularly do and say things that just make you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Here is my current list of “You Might Be a Two-Year-Old if”…....more

Another Proud Mama Pop Culture Moment

The kid has become a huge fan (on her own) of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, one of my favorite comedy shows. Whose Line Is It Anyway? is an improvisational show, with four comedians given suggestions from the audience or host to act out different scenarios. A wide variety of games are played on the show, including Party Quirks, Superheroes, World's Worst, Musical, Whose Line?, Questions Only, etc....more

When "Pulling a Mama" Means Swearing... A Lot

Yeah, so, I swear. I have a potty mouth. I use foul language. I’m inappropriate. I say naughty words. I curse....more
@Momma_Candy I second your emotion!more

SNOW WHITE -- 20 years later

Snow White and women’s humor :  20 years later...more

Movie Review: The Kings of Summer (2013)

Directed by: Jordan Vogt-RobertsWritten by: Chris GallettaRated: RRunning Time: 93 min.​Release Date: May 31, 2013​Cast:​Nick Robinson as JoeGabriel Basso as PatrickMoises Arias as Biaggio...more

Happy now or later!?

I have made some bad decisions based on how my daughter felt at the moment. For example: My daughter didn't want to leave her friends or her school, so we bought a house in town, and commuted to gymnastics. Now my daughter is being home schooled because she was burning the candle at both ends, getting up for school at 6 after going to bed at 12 from gymnastics. She started to get very sick and sleep deprived. NOW, after driving 140 miles a day for the last YEAR for gymnastics we are buying another house to be close to practice.  ...more