Do you know that Mr. Bean can help you lose weight ...

Do you know that laughing is the healthiest action we human could do? By laughing we actually stabilize our blood flow, increase our immune system, lower our blood sugar and most importantly reduce our stress. According to, “One pioneer in laughter research, William Fry, claimed it took 10 minutes on a rowing machine for his heart rate to reach the level it would after just one minute of hearty laughter.” And it ......more
@HomeRearedChef Very true. Each writer has such a unique style and that makes their writings  ...more

Oh look. I'm being self referential about my self referential titles. How precocious.

 New Slogans for the Soup Industry...more

Raw Menopausal Truths and the Indignities of Getting Old

To be “raw” is to be pure and honest; it is to tell it like it is, unadulterated. However the fear of offending the listener, in this case the reader, is a problem; but to tell it other than the unvarnished truth is nothing more than sugar-coating. What to do, what to do? After taking a few brief moments to think this through, I’m sorry, but the menopausal Wailing Banshee in me must be allowed to vent, to rant, to tell the truth and nothing but the raw truth. So to the “sensitive” among you; sorry, you’ve been warned?!...more
Hi- just found your blog.  I started this journey somewhere between age 39 and 40- my husband ...more

Blogging on Sleeping Pills: The Golden Globes

Ok, this will brief because (a) I have a migraine and (b) I’ve taken two sleeping pills.  I will consider it a raging success if I make it through the entire post without massive spelling or grammar issues....more

Make 'Em Laugh: Gifts of Comedy

What is funny to one person may not be funny to another, but laughter is the healthiest involuntary response (second maybe only to sleep) that your body can experience. Humor identifies common ground, breaks tension and brings people together. So why not spread it around this holiday season?...more
Solid list, Heather.   Further on books- have you ever read PG Wodehouse? If not, pick up one of ...more

I Just Had Sex- Lonely Island

WHY did I JUST find this!!! ???? : My IdOLS!!! I needed some  of this a long time ago..... Something funny that is. Thank you for stopping by, Michelle...more

The Beauty Of Laughter !

Laughter is such a wonderful bravura expression! When it comes from deep within it can help to release inner tensions. The ventromedial prefrontal cortex is activated by laughter and produces endorphins in the brain after responding to a rewarding activity according to modern neurophysiology! Laughter can be medicine for the soul!...more

If Your Life Were a Movie, Which Genre Would it Be? Drama, Comedy, Romance...

@victorias_view Thanks Victorias. Comedy of errors. Sometimes I too feel that way about my life.more

Joan Rivers

OMG. This morning was the first time in a week I have been back to spin class. So not good. I was sweating and panting, and my legs were cramping and my ass hurt, and then I walked into spin class... (Ba dum Ba) I climbed onto that little seat; started pedaling and away I went. If only I could harness the power of the fat. But wait, maybe I can. Maybe I could use today’s fat as tomorrow’s cash cow.That’s it!...more