A Very Gluten Free Thanksgiving

Holiday food memories are like a family photo album with scratch and sniff pages.   Ask anyone about their earliest Thanksgiving memories and chances are it is a combination of the Macy’s parade and the smell of yams with toasted marshmallows or pumpkin pie.  Then again, some of us might only remember Uncle Zeke’s shiny flask filled with something that added a certain charm to the boring punch bowl filled with preseason eggnog....more

(UPDATED, VIDEO) Tina Fey Becomes Youngest Winner of Mark Twain Prize for Humor

Earlier this week, Tina Fey was honored at the Kennedy Center as the thirteenth recipient -- and at 40, the youngest -- of the esteemed Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. It's yet another accolade in an ever-growing list for the plucky actress/writer/producer and comedienne. Not bad for a self-described "super-nerd." ...more

You and me both, sister.


BlogHer Contributing Editor, Animal & Wildlife ...more

Are You a "Glee" or a "Housewives?" TV Survey Says You Are What You Watch

If you're creative, you like "Mad Men." If you're a rule-breaking rebel, you like "Family Guy." If you're an experimentalist, you like "Glee." If you're an obnoxious, in-your-face type, you like "The Real Housewives of Orange County." And if you're a superior snooty puss, you like "The Office." So says a new survey, anyway. ...more

See, it's just like going to a therapist, you never know what you might ...more

Queen of Comedy Moms Mabley: Cougar on Stage, Lion in Life

The recent appearance of Terry McMillan and her ex Jonathan on the Oprah Show, as well as the break-up of the marriage of Courteney Cox and David Arquette, got me remembering an original "cougar" -- at least in her comedy routine: Jackie “Moms” Mabley (1894-1975). ...more
I remember watching Moms and loving her dearly. We are in desperate need of women like her in ...more

Professor Charlesly T. Wetbeard, III. OR The One Where My Dog Commits a Felony

Monday night I sent Mr. Chan off to the Jets game with his brother. He was out getting soaked in a torrential downpour, so it was just me and The Professor and the cast of Jersey Shore all night. Hooray for Fios DVR! I was totally engrossed in the Snookie/Angelina brawl and he, having no respect whatsoever for whether or not Snookie really was "Done", was pacing around the apartment in the Time-To-Pee pattern. Not to be confused with the Take-Me-To-The-Dog-Park pattern or the I'm-Eating-Q-Tips-From-The-Bathroom-Garbage pattern. ...more

Mike & Molly Are So Fat! How Fat (and Funny) Are They?

I was a bit nervous when I sat down to watch the premiere of Mike & Molly, the new CBS sitcom about two average folks who fall in love at an Overeaters Anonymous meeting. Would the show rely on strings of fat jokes or one-note storylines focusing on dieting and eating? Or would it treat us to Roseanne Barr/John Goodman-style characters who are, yes, large, but who have other complexities in their lives? ...more
This show is totally disgusting, there is noting funny about two 400 pound people on a TV show. ...more

(VIDEO) The Smoking Bra: Funny Feminism

When my friend invited me to go with her to The Smoking Bra: Women and Comedy at the 92 Y Tribeca, I agreed to go without seeing what it was about. My friend usually finds interesting things to do, so I trusted that it would be worthy of my $12. Plus, it seemed better to go to something potentially funny after work than go home and cry over the futility of my “career” and then collapse with exhaustion. Right? ...more

(although I almost had a typo and wrote fat joke - so not cool!) is definitely a gender barrier ...more

10 Sensational Returning TV Characters

This fall's TV season is just about to kick off and with returning shows will come some sensational returning characters. Now, I'm not talking about cool characters like Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) or Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), 'cause they're the stars of their shows. I'm talking about some of the supporting players that make us laugh, make us cry and can steal a scene quicker than you can say "Sue Sylvester." ...more

I'm ready to start a campaign to return Miss J to the judging panel. He's sorely ...more

(VIDEO) "Mad Men" and "Modern Family" Take Top Emmy Honors, But the Show? A Snooze!

When it comes to writing about the annual primetime Emmy awards, it's hard to know where to start.  Do I start with the awards and how some very worthy performances were rewarded, even though so many more were overlooked in favor of "paint-by-numbers voting?"  Or do I start with the snooze-worthiness of the show itself? ...more

Even though you missed it, through the magic of online video, you can see many video clips from ...more

"Stand Up Biology" Guest blogger Brian Leiken

Third block biology is a bitch.The class has improv...more