The Arts and Blogher '10

Wow, Blogher conference tickets are nearly sold out (  I can't believe it and I'm getting really really excited to attend my first one. One thing I've noticed is people are starting to make lists, picking places to meet up, talk about what's going to be at the conference, etc.  But what I haven't seen a lot of, and please lead the way if I've missed something, is all the arts, crafts, photography, knitting, design etc related bloggers heading to NYC in August. ...more

Business Premier

This is my first post for my new business "Cachet Crochet". I will be officially opening on March 26th, 2010. My opening night will be at the market in Downtown Charleston, SC at a show called "Art in the Evenings". I hope to reserve a spot in the night market other nights of the week as well.I will be spreading out all the unique crocheted accessories my Mom and I have been working hard to make. I am excited to offer some unique hand-crafted items to the public! Hope to see you there if you can make it!...more

Etsy Wednesday - 6 Super Giveaways

I thought it might be fun to do a little roundup of some of the Etsy giveaways going on around the web this week since there always seems to be a handful of them.  Find something (or things) you just gotta have? Click the Giveaway link and enter to win!...more

Such cuteness... (a give-away)

 Happy Valentines Day!  Want to know what I love? I love when my kids are dressed alike.  It makes them easy to find and they look so darn cute.  I mean, honestly, have you ever seen cuteness like this?...more

I noticed after this posted that the full web address isn't listed... head over to ...more

The Purple Lady's Art and Life

I so enjoy blogging.  I love to chat about my furbabies, my Grandsons, things I create and giveaways that I find.  From time to time I do reviews and host my own giveaways as well as product giveaways from companies.  I am still fairly new at blogging but trying to dig my heels in an create a fun place to visit. If you have time, please stop by and check it out then let me know what you think of my blog, or enter one of my giveaways. BrendaLea - The Purple Lady (at) comcast dot net...more

Empowering Women Artisans: An Interview with Rebecca Kousky of Nest

"She stood up in our meeting and said that was exactly why women are afraid of taking loans in India, but with Nest, because it's interest-free and they can repay in their necklaces, they didn't have that kind of fear. That was one of those profound moments when you know you're onto something." ...more

I'm so glad you enjoyed the interview (:

BlogHer Contributing Editor, more

Heart-Shaped Crafts for Valentine's Day

Although Valentine's Day is this coming weekend, there is still time to for some romantic heart-shaping crafting.Whether you choose to create with yarn, fabric, or paper, here are some fast ways to get your heart on. ...more

is there a link to Flower Patch Farmgirl's book wreath project? my life won't be complete ...more

about time

blogher? is there room in my life for blogher?  i hope so.  i gave up my thoughtful quiet life as a glass artist last year to become caregiver to 2 old kids, one 56 and 90.  big change.  thats correct.  so far today i've been cook and washer woman and artist.  stringing the bits and pieces of last year, a green  windchime.          peace,love,and peanut butter...more

My partner's mother moved in with us 13 months ago. It was supposed to be temporary. It's not ...more

Picket Fence

You know those picket fence headboards?  Pottery Barn and others sell them for kids’ rooms.  I want one for my bed.  Queen size.  Painted white.  I said this to a friend a few days ago, while we were at breakfast.  He’s 86 and recovering from his second eye surgery.  He’s not adjusting well to the fact that parts of his body have to be mended, repaired, medicated.  He’s used to running up and down his own hill, carrying his own heavy equipment. Now he’s depressed.  A couple of us call every day to see how he feels or to ask him to go out for a while. ...more

You said it exactly.  I admire the way your father in law chooses to handle the whole ...more

Blog Party and Le Creuset GIVEAWAY worth $66.95!!

Just to let you gals know I am having a fabulous Le Creuset giveaway worth $66.95!!For your chance to win go check my blog