Crochet blogging adventure

I've never thought of myself as crafty. A friend tried to teach me to crochet a few years ago and I blamed my left-handedness for not picking it up - oh, but it's mostly because I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. And I am known to get easily frustrated. ...more

Everyone Loves Hooded Cowls

These hooded cowls are so easy to crochet without resorting to a pattern. I picked up the basic idea of how to make a hooded cowl from this pattern, but I have made adjustments.  For a one-year-old child, chain 35 stitches with thick yarn such as Bernat Blanket Yarn using an N-9mm hook, make a magic circle and double crochet three rows for the neck. Reduce the stitches by 10 for the face area and make 6 more rows....more

Blanket Yarn Adult Mitts and Scarf

I adapted a pattern which used a slip stitch for the entire mitt. Instead, I worked 4 rows of slip stitch for a cuff and then changed to a double stitch. I used an I hook or 9, also called 5.5mm and thick blanket yarn by Bernat. These are my first full mitts and were so easy and made up quickly. basic free pattern was found on ravelery...more

Easy Crocheted Hooded Cowls

These hoods look a bit big, but my 6 month old grandson was the only model around today!...more

Having Fun Crocheting Hooded Cowls

I love crocheting because it is so easy to adapt and change patterns. Etsy wanted over 6 dollars for  patterns for animal hooded cowls. Instead,  I unearthed the free pattern below to give me some idea of how to make a hooded cowl, then adapted the pattern. My results were a wonderful surprise. The free pattern can be found at

Crochet Conversion Chart

Earlier this year, I posted a printable that has since become my most popular download–theKnitting Conversion Chart. It’s been a big hit, but I actually received several emails in email and some social media forums asking me to make one for knitting....more

Summer time outfit. Nudes.

   Today's weather was absolutely lovely! It was 84 degrees! Yes!! It is still hot, but at least it was not in the triple digits like normal.  To keep cool I love wearing neutral colors, it is wonderful because it is close to just running around in your birthday suit.  The color is just so refreshing and very boho chic....more

Using Stitch Pattern Multiples to Calculate the Starting Chain

Have you ever seen a pattern with a stitch pattern multiple? Or a starting chain formula?Basically it will look like this:Chain a multiple of 8 + 2 chainsThis means:...more

Free Crochet Pattern Friday Round Ups!

If you are looking for free crochet patterns to inspire you to make something new -- look no further!Over the past year I have posted a categorical round up of free crochet patterns - each and every Friday.The round ups now include more than 800 free crochet pattern links and the images have been used with permission from the original Designers.Some of the round ups you will find are:40 Free Crochet Sandal Patterns35 Free Crochet Doily PatternsI Love Amigurumi! 50 Links!50 Crochet Potholders & Trivets30 Free Crochet Edgings...more


Being back at work has been easier than expected emotionally, but so much harder than expected in terms of time.  I spend most of my non-V time getting things ready for the next day, so I've had very little time to knit or blog this month.  So, you get a post about a blanket square.  One sad, solitary blanket square.  The good news?  It's a cute square that was a pleasure to make!...more