How to Crochet a Traditional Granny Square

Want to know how to crochet this lovely traditional Granny square block?  I also show you how to join them together like this...Here's the link to see how!

Crochet Panda Bear Hat


Baby Steps

(originally posted @ My Day Job) It all starts with baby steps.Step One: Come up with plan for life without paying job.  CheckIt's not easy.  It took a lot of agonizing, soul searching, a few talks with The Man of the House, some praying, and some waffling before I finally came to a choice about what I wanted to do.   After almost 13 years at paying job, I am ready to step out of the office and back into my home.  I will tend to ...more

Spending Time With My Mom Knitting a Crooked Scarf

Today's writing prompt is "What was something you taught another person in your family?"     The first thing that came to mind was that I taught my mother how to crochet.  It must have been after my father passed away.  So she would have been about 64 years old....more

I Am Hooked on Crocheting

 I am proud of:  a really great crochet project. ...more

Another Day to Live

Sometimes I’m a big whiner…  my health problems cause me to get  down, especially when I’m a dork and forget when to renew my prescriptions.  But this is still a day to live and not to just waste…..  I’m happy that I’m still alive and able to do what I can....more

This Was Not Made With the Heart of an Orphan

 Oh my god....more

Fill in the ____ Friday

I was having a good day today until the evening.  I got up and took a nice hot shower, lotioned up with rose smelling lotion… gave myself a pedicure and painted my nails while I read in-between coats.  I had some yummy cake my husband bought last night with an icy cold (diet, caffeine free) pepsi.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. you know the diet pepsi cancels out the calories from the cake.  Anyway, then I listened to music loud while doing some laundry and cleaning up.  When my husband got home and I was talking to him a bit....more

Crochet Allergies

This is my photo for my 365 project.  A close up of my little garden cherub that I kept inside instead so it wouldn’t get dirty....more
I never would have thought to make a circle in a strip doing first 1 side and then the other! ...more

Wool-eater blanket