This Was Not Made With the Heart of an Orphan

 Oh my god....more

Fill in the ____ Friday

I was having a good day today until the evening.  I got up and took a nice hot shower, lotioned up with rose smelling lotion… gave myself a pedicure and painted my nails while I read in-between coats.  I had some yummy cake my husband bought last night with an icy cold (diet, caffeine free) pepsi.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. you know the diet pepsi cancels out the calories from the cake.  Anyway, then I listened to music loud while doing some laundry and cleaning up.  When my husband got home and I was talking to him a bit....more

Crochet Allergies

This is my photo for my 365 project.  A close up of my little garden cherub that I kept inside instead so it wouldn’t get dirty....more
I never would have thought to make a circle in a strip doing first 1 side and then the other! ...more

Wool-eater blanket

Return to Crafting Basics

I'm spending my free time going through all my crafting supplies recently. While doing so, I found an instruction booklet and kit for bookmaking, some kits for jewelry making and several knitting patterns that I'd set aside for some reason several years ago. In looking at my supplies, however, it struck me that really before I took up any of these activities, I needed to brush up on some basic techniques. ...more

tjstaab, sewmanybooks,

I hear you both on getting back to projects that you have ...more

My 2011 Top 5 gifts for Yarnies

If there's a knitter or crochet in your life you know that the winter holidays are fast approaching. You can tell by the boxes of yarn that start showing up at the door, the stacks of pattern magazines with post-its on the coffee table, and the gentle clicking of needles and whirring of hooks as entire seasons of TV are streamed on Netflix.  Evenings and weekends (and the occasional sick day) are consumed by turning gorgeous yarns into gorgeous, precious gifts....more
great post! thank you for sharing. i will check out the craftsy site.more

Kuckoo for crochet

In the past week, I've turned into a crocheting fiend! It all started with ONE skein of yarn that my brother brought me from Ireland....more

How Much Are You Worth?

 What is the true cost of handmade items at a show?  I’m not really talking about taking a bead and sticking it on an ear wire. There’s almost no training or skill involved in that.  There’s not much honing of a craft going on there.  Though it does take time to assemble, it’s small and not considered skilled labor....more

The Tiniest Crochet Hook Made These!

 Aside from the tiny antique crochet hook in the next photo, pliers and these other tools were necessary to create this look. The wooden crochet hook helped block the lace loops.  Pliers helped pull the needle as needed to tie in threads....more

Saturdays Are Good

Let's take a little time to reflect what I managed to get done this week.I managed to get TWO of the EPIC clumps of yarn untangled and rolled into rudimentary balls....more