Crochet Easy Bracelet

I'm a begginer in crochet but, so far I'm loving it! Crochet Bracelet I very proud of...Pattern for the belt: ...more

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This has been a long journey. I used to think that the light at the end of the tunnel was a freight train coming at me, but what I didn't realize was there were two tracks in that tunnel and fortunatley I was standing the other track as the train sped by. So at some point trought all of this I had a choice, whether conscious or not, to get or stay on the alternate track. Close enough so I could feel the hot, still air in the tunnel and smell the burning coal as the train passed. But far enough away that I was safe and able to carry on and reach the light....more

"Hookers" Fight Cancer: Share A Square 2010 Works For Quality

The folks at the Post Office are wondering about the packages that I juggle as I leave each day. They have no idea that inside are lovely crocheted squares (6' x 6') from around the world that will be made into afghans for children at a cancer camp next summer.  We did this before in 2008; "hookers" united from across the world to make 150 afghans for the children of Camp Sanguinity.  So far this year 1,413 squares have arrived for Share A Square 2010 (a little more than a tenth of what will eventually be joined together).  We need more! ...more

You are the right arm, Jennymcb. I appreciate all you have done.

Shelly ...more

Have you ever heard of Gramma' Lowe?

     Have you ever been to Gramma' Lowe's website?  If you haven't, you don't know what you're missin'.  Do you like crafts?  She's got 'em.  She even illustrates the way she makes the many, many crafts she creates.       How 'bout cookin'?  You like to cook?  Gramma' Lowe does that, too.  An', again, she illustrates her work.  Are you one of those wunnerful people who has time to decorate an' embellish your home for the...more

There's an App for That Crafty Thing You Do

I live with my iTouch near me all day. It's my alarm clock in the morning, my constant reminder of what to do during the day, my note pad, my food and exercise tracker. I SO wish more places I went had wifi, so it could help me be even more productive. I do not own a "smart phone" yet, though as soon as I have the time to stop my cellphone store, I'm picking up a Android phone. Will it replace my iTouch or will both live in my pocket all day? ...more

Thursday Morning

Good morning sister's Thursday (AKA Thor's day) and I have an MRI this afternoon. *SCREAM* I hate MRIs wirth a passion, I hate feeling like a piece of bologna in a steel plate sandwich. (Yes ladies I am claustrophobic) I have to have all my jewelry off, partial dentures out and I feel very naked that way. My teeth keep me from looking like a refugee from a boxing ring and my necklace, earrings, rings and bracelets keep me from feeling exposed...if that makes any sense at all. ...more

The Arts and Blogher '10

Wow, Blogher conference tickets are nearly sold out (  I can't believe it and I'm getting really really excited to attend my first one. One thing I've noticed is people are starting to make lists, picking places to meet up, talk about what's going to be at the conference, etc.  But what I haven't seen a lot of, and please lead the way if I've missed something, is all the arts, crafts, photography, knitting, design etc related bloggers heading to NYC in August. ...more

Business Premier

This is my first post for my new business "Cachet Crochet". I will be officially opening on March 26th, 2010. My opening night will be at the market in Downtown Charleston, SC at a show called "Art in the Evenings". I hope to reserve a spot in the night market other nights of the week as well.I will be spreading out all the unique crocheted accessories my Mom and I have been working hard to make. I am excited to offer some unique hand-crafted items to the public! Hope to see you there if you can make it!...more

The Mystery of the Swedish Olympic Team Hats: Crochet in the Social Media Age

The buzz started even before the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics ended. Who crocheted the hats some members of the Swedish team wore as they entered the event? ...more

For those of you who are unable to get the right colors of yarn or a pattern you like for the ...more

The Purple Lady's Art and Life

I so enjoy blogging.  I love to chat about my furbabies, my Grandsons, things I create and giveaways that I find.  From time to time I do reviews and host my own giveaways as well as product giveaways from companies.  I am still fairly new at blogging but trying to dig my heels in an create a fun place to visit. If you have time, please stop by and check it out then let me know what you think of my blog, or enter one of my giveaways. BrendaLea - The Purple Lady (at) comcast dot net...more