Ode To The Drama Teacher

Ode To The Drama TeacherAnd as you stand there: AghastBecause we’re three days from Opening Night andAdo Annie still doesn’t know her lines andThe Dream Ballet is a Nightmare andThe Light Board Op just got Detention…Let us now praise You.You, the Permanently Fatigued.You, the Loyal-to-the-Point-of-Self-Neglect.You, the Keeper of a Thousand-and-Eleventeen Secret Dreams.You are the one who makes it all Look So Easy....more

An Open Letter To My Blog Snitch

Dear Person Who Reads My Blog for the Sole Purpose of Starting Drama, ...more
Well said. I, too have a BLOG Stalker. I just wish they would REpost so that my views hit higher ...more

It's complicated: Why I prefer to forget Thanksgiving

Am I really being screamed at, literally screamed at, in front of the entire family?This thought ran through my head as my then-fiance (now husband) and I grabbed the folding chairs we had just brought in and hurried through my father’s garage to the car whose engine hadn’t had a chance to cool off yet.Screaming down the freeway, it was 20 minutes before I was able to speak without blubbering incoherently....more


I don’t know what to say to you. Sometimes I think if I say anything, you’ll walk out, on me, on us, on this shitty piece of life we carved out for ourselves.I sit here on this stoop and listen to the cicadas scream in the trees, and I pull on a cigarette. I feel the little sharp edges of concrete push like ice chips into my skin where my cut-offs end. I look at a sky as washed out and hot a blue as I’m feeling right now, and taste the smoke crawl across my tongue and feel the thick air slide across my skin. ...more

Social Media Drama....Not me, nope, never!

Social Media Drama....Not me, nope, never! You are guilty, Admit it...as am I. ...more

My Tween, Myself

This weekend was Lilo’s 9th birthday. Oddly enough, it was her first birthday just a few weeks ago so I am not sure how this has happened. Perhaps it is some sort of Star Trek holodeck switcheroo determined to convince me my baby is in her final year of single digits?The first thing Lilo said to me upon opening her eyes Saturday was, “Good morning, Mommy. I’m a tween.”...more
Fibrobabe Thank you on Lilo's behalf :)more

Your Mood Should Not Dictate Your Manners

My Blog  ...more
Hah. You're right, it shouldn't -- but sometimes it does. I should work on that. We should all ...more

April 22nd 1993 – Drink’s at the Arizona

I’ll start with yesterday. My adventures started on the way to Karate. As I walked into the hallway I spotted a cute blond guy walking by on the street. I turned around and caught his eye and sure enough he followed me all the way to the door of the Dojo! it was very flattering – he was kinda cute but he cruised. Ok now onto today. I had a great and easy day at school. I hardly had any real lessons! It’s amazing how much school I miss – it never seems to matter to terribly much. Karate tonight was pretty good....more