Where's the drama, oh yeah ... Here!

 So it seems that there is always some new drama, secret or scandal ready for my waiting ears each time I visit one of any of my friends. When everyone seems to tell you everything (with the begining always "you can't repeat this to anyone" or some such simmilar don't tell remark) and when you have several different groups of friends that in one way or another seem to eventually overlap you can bet that at least 90% of this OMFG news is going to be about someone you know, whether the person telling you knows that or not is another story. So far I have been such a good g...more

#274 Present, Day 17 of 31

 For those of you that at this point still don't know what I do, let me tell you...I'm an ED doc... not ER, we're not an emergency Room any more, we are an...more

I'm only going to say it once: keep your drama to yourself.

It’s been one of those weeks where I’m about ready to scream. And it’s only Tuesday. While I wouldn’t normally do this on my blog, I’ve become increasingly frustrated with all of the drama that’s been brought into my family’s life. Some of it was intentional, some of it wasn’t....more

Movie Review: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012)

Director: John MaddenRated: PG-13Running Time: 123 minutes Cast:Judi Dench as Evelyn GreensladeTom Wilkinson as Graham DashwoodMaggie Smith as Muriel DonnellyBill Nighy as Douglas AinsliePenelope Wilton as Jean AinslieCelia Imrie as Madge HardcastleRonald Pickup as Norman CousinsDev Patel as Sonny Kapoor...more

Movie Review: Arbitrage (2012)

Director: Nicholas JareckiRated: RRunning Time: 107 minutes Cast:Richard Gere as Robert MillerSusan Sarandon as Ellen MillerBrit Marling as Brooke MillerTim Roth as Detective Michael BryerLaetitia Casta as Julie CoteNate Parker as Jimmy Grant According to Investopedia, the definition of arbitrage is:...more

How to Deal With Drama Queens

I know someone who creates a drama out everything that doesn’t go her way. She thrives on creating ‘a scene’ and doesn’t stop until someone is paying full attention to her, and only her needs. Maybe you know someone just like her? ...more

BasketBall Wives Reunion- Part 2

So I know folks are waiting to read my take on Basketball Wives Reunion-part2, cause that’s what I do, I’m a g-mogul:) Frankly, I’m sick & tired of writing and dishing on these women, so glad to be getting a break! Anyhoo, was a bit touched by Evelyn’s crocodile tears and apologing to Jennifer-how long the two stay reconciled is another subject altogether. And Evelyn, for a friend? you did tell too much. Tami denied bullying Kesha. Did we expect anything else coming from Tami?...more

Sometimes You Just Have To Be A Mama Bear

It was the 5th grade when I finally had to step in on the insane dynamics of the “mean girls” which means it was also the 5th grade where I learned that you CAN’T go tearing up to school ready to kick ...more

From HBO to PBS: What's Coming Up on TV this Spring

The holidays are over and that means so are the doldrums of television. Finally, we TV addicts will get new episodes of favorite shows and premieres of a whole crop of new shows. And as your intrepid TV watcher, I'm here to tell you about the shows I'll be excited to see debut on my flat screen....more
@LindaCSmith Hi Linda! Thanks. So far I'm liking "Alcatraz" also. Haven't been able to get ...more