My Own Christmas Newsletter: Spoiler Alert - Includes Swine Flu

December, 2009         It may be better to give than receive, but I'd rather read your newsletters and cards than try to remember the past year in enough detail to write my own. ...more

Happy Holidays from


Phytospecific Product Review + Make Christmas Cookies with the Kids

OK, you all know that I love finding good hair care products.  I can't help myself.  To me, there is nothing like a good product that makes your hair feel good and you feel good about your hair.  Over the course of my adult life, I have tried numerous product lines, includes Pantene, Optimum, Motions, At One, and the list goes on.  ...more

#22 Poetic Justice: Out of the mouths of babes.

#22 Poetic Justice: Out of the mouths of babes....more

I've been exposed!

Do one thing everyday that scares you....more

Pumpkin Spice Latte & Frugalista Chic

Ahh... the holidays are upon us... Images of sugar plums dancing in our heads while dreaming if Santa Claus will be providing us with treats (or a big fat lump of coal) under our Christmas trees. Who am I kidding?! That is what I want.. those images on the books I read to my son at bedtime. ...more

I love the holiday drinks. I splurge on Starbucks too. That is actually one of my favorite ...more

80 percent chance of stress. sigh.

I just took an online stress test and scored a 431. Anything over 300 means a high probability of stress-related illness. My probability was 80 percent. Is bitchiness considered a stress-related illness?...more

December Dilemma (Oy! It's Christmas Time Again!)

I suppose you are right - thank you for that!

And I just read your blog post about ...more