There's no place like home

Have you ever felt like you are living in a black and white world?  You wake up, look around your house and feel like everything is staring back with a blank expression?No one sould have to live in such a world!Creating spaces and making houses or apartments or shacks for that matter, into homes, might be one of our most valuable skills as women. ...more

Turkey, turkey, turkey for days.

Three evites and two phone calls and several emails this week reveal the plans of friends and family.  Ed and Barbara made reservations at the Indian casino near them in the wine country of Northern California.  They’ll share a restaurant meal with a son, daughter-in-law and grandson.  Sue and John are headed (with lab, Lucy) to Santa Cruz for a long weekend. They’ll take walks on the beach, eat too much, toss the ball for Lucy, play board games with family and friends and then do it all over again....more

Living with Layoffs, Signs of Depression + My Fantasy Look of the Day

Image: Storm of X-Men from Fan Pop ...more

Formula vs Breast??? My Thoughts


Thanksgiving Now & Then

With Thanksgiving coming, I wonder if it is the same now as it was then. Families getting together as one big family sharing their lives, interests, feelings, forgiving if need be and of course, dinner. That one special dinner that everyone can hardly wait for. A BIG turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, beans, cranberry sauce, homemade bread or rolls, and PUMPKIN PIE with whipped cream! Do all people still share this sentimental scene of days gone by?...more

Top Turkey Day Tips for Real Moms

There’s a chill in the air, a blaze of color in the leaves and a slew of baking items on every retail endcap. Ah yes, ‘tis the holiday season. And whether you’re hosting your entire family or going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house, the holidays require tips – lots and lots of tips....more

Give the Gift of ... Infertility Empathy?

Huh?When I heard someone was buying--as a gift--a book about a woman's gut-wrenching journey through infertility as holiday reading it was a headscratcher for me, too. But when the emails started rolling in this week from near and far followed by a Tweet from a woman in Oklahoma, it was clear something was going on....more

Holding it together

Our cat just left home. Not entirely of her own volition, but she was purring. She’s been rehoused, repackaged and relocated to her country retirement estate. No longer is she mistress of a Georgian town house with a garden smaller than the bathroom. She’s got land, a chocolate box cottage and cows to play with. And a new mummy who will actually seek her out for comfort.  ...more

Premature Explosion is the Mother of Invention

 We were nearly orgasmic apple picking in the farmer’s field. The simple joy of plucking those honeys, shining them up against our chest, that first deep, crisp, tantalizing bite…...more

Pears would be delicious. In fact, we often substitute pears for apples in our famous tart ...more

Student at Syracuse Needs Help!

Hello Bloggers!My name is Sally and I am a senior at Syracuse University trying to complete my senior thesis project. A team of me and my fellow students are creating a pizza delivery company that uses special ovens that can make traditional Italian pizza in 90 seconds. These ovens will be placed in the vans and the pizza will be made right in front of your house. Our primary market is families and we are trying to get as many people as possible to take our quick 14 question survey regarding their opinions on pizza. I would love to get your input!...more