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First off, I was nominated for Mormon Mommy Blog of the Month and I'm so excited and honored! Especially since I'm not even a mom yet and I blog about "my journey toward motherhood." I'm a new blogging like this, I just started a couple of months ago so I really don't have much of a following yet but I'd love it if you checked it out and voted for me here. ...more

Wow!! Your comment made my day! Thanks so much for voting! And for the link to your blog! ...more

What A Scoundrel Wants Book Review

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Hello. My Name is Karen, and I own a Kindle

Yes, sometimes admitting that I own an e-reader can be a bit embarrassing. Like going to your first 12-step program with a bottle in your left hand. I've found that people generally fall into one of two categories when it comes to e-readers and similar hand-held reading devices: they gush and ooze over the cool tech, eyes glazing over the specs, features and functionality OR they crinkle their noses up in disgust at the mere idea of forgoing printed literature, with its distinctive tactile sensations over molded plastic and circuit boards and technology. ...more

I think they are just jealous.  I would love to have one myself.  However, I think they ...more