What I'm Reading: Passages on Love

When I was just a toddler, left to my own devices from two busy parents and two older siblings, I would often wander to the nearest bookshelf and flip curiously through the colorful pages for hours at time. I absorbed them all, repeatedly, enthusiastically, and without any regard for my boisterously uninterested cohorts. Reading was my first talent. By the time I entered kindergarten I had already taught myself to read, which I can only credit to some powerful intervention of fate....more

Sapphire's Push: Merciless Honesty

I first became aware of the buzz about Sapphire's debut novel Push in 1995 or 1996. The novel gained attention for its distressing storyline but possibly more because the novelist received a $500,000 advance, a sum unheard of in those days for a first novel. Well, unheard of except that another writer that year had received even more, Jacquelyn Mitchard. ...more

I am currently taking a class called "Politics and the Media," and as part of this class I am ...more

Memories of Christopher Pike

I think we all have memories of books that we read when we were in our tweens. They were passed around from girl to girl, each one devouring it before passing it on to the next one in line. When I was about 11 or 12 years old the literary crack of choice was Christopher Pike. I'm not sure why but it feels like my generation of readers have all gone nostalgic at the same time. Maybe it's the Twilight mania that is making us remember our own crackliture. It seems everywhere I turn these days I'm seeing remembrances and rereadings of Christopher Pike. ...more

GG Book Review: A Jest of God

Laurence, Margaret. A Jest of God.  University of Chicago Press (1966). ...more

On Reading Big Books

I like to think I'm an adventurous reader. Or at least a semi-adventurous one. But one thing that can stop me in my tracks is a big book. I mean a long book, the ones known in the book blogging world as "chunksters." For the last few years there's been a "Chunkster Challenge" where bloggers committ to reading some of these big books. I find it comforting, even though I don't join (I suck at challenges), because it means that I'm not the only one that buys or borrows these books with the intent of reading them and then let them gather dust. ...more

Some of my favorite books were chunksters, or "bricks". War And Peace, The Brothers ...more

Barnes & Noble giving away $100 gift cards!

B&N's giving away a $100 gift card every day through December.  I want one!From the site:The Barnes and Noble Inspiration Sweepstakes: To celebrate the launch of the new B&N Kids, we are giving away a $100 Barnes & Noble.com Online Gift Certificate every day through December 16th.http://barnesandnoble.promotions.com/inspiration/front.do...more

An Encounter

I put my boots on and trudged through the new snow out to the barn to fax a 137 paged document to my mortgage company…. yet again.As the cogs in the fax machine began to squeak I stood in Wade’s sacrificial office, which is the antithesis of mine, playing with the smoke that was emitting from my mouth and nose. For me he built a beautiful office, inside the house, with a huge window facing South and situated directly next to the kitchen so I can jut in and out preparing meals and writing all in the same breath....more

They Watch by Angela Dublin is now available at BarnesandNoble.com

Angela Dublin is the Author of the recently released Thriller, They Watch, which is available at Barnes and Noble.com.   A Thriller of a ride!  Who or what is turning the Okanagon Valley into a killing field.  One of the Baldwins received this book!  Don't miss out on the chance to get this new movie in the makin Novel at a special price.  It is well on it's way to selling a million copies.  Hot!Hot!Hot!...more

Chapter One - Meet Lady Luxe

Lady Luxe stretches in her airplane seat but after almost seven hours of sitting in one place (with the occasional trip to the toilet which certainly shouldn’t count as exercise) she feels like bounding out of her seat and launching into a Jane Fonda aerobics routine. She smiles to herself, certain that the cute British guy beside her who is clearly bent on impressing her would join her if she did....more

Scholastic Bans Book with Lesbian Moms from Book Fairs

[Updated: 10/24, 10:40 a.m. ET: Change.org has posted an action alert about this, complete with an easy automated message you can send to Scholastic.] Most of us with young children in public school know about Scholastic Book Fairs. Many of us remember them from our own childhoods. Now comes news that Scholastic has banned a book from the fairs because one of the characters has lesbian moms.  (Thanks, Roger!)School Library Journal reports that Scholastic has refused to include Lauren Myracle’s new book Luv Ya Bunches (Abrams/Amulet, 2009), about the friendship among four elementary school girls, "because it contains offensive language and same-sex parents of one of the main characters, Milla." Myracle's books have been on the American Library Association's list of the top 10 most challenged books, cited for "offensive language, sexually explicit, and unsuited to age group."In this instance, Myracle agreed to change some of the offensive language (mild stuff like "geez," "crap," "sucks," and "oh my God"), but refused to change the character's two moms:...more

A few of us (Canadians) were discussing this on Twitter and found out that Scholastic Canada ...more