Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me About Hamburgers Falling From The Sky?

I think I must have lived underneath a rock as a kid because at 33 years old, I’m just learning about the book, “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs”. I sat here and thought about every book I must have read as a kid that were written by Stephen King, John Carpenter, Jackie Collins and Danielle Steele. ...more

The book was a childhood favorite of mine and while I don't think the film bears much ...more

Daytime TV - Vampires -Surgery Recovery

I am bored.  I am tied to staying in bed as much as possible and doing NOTHING (yes all caps in my post operative instructions) for at least two weeks after surgery.  It has been a week and a day.  I can only nap and watch daytime TV so much. Don't get me wrong, I like that I can watch NCIS, Law and Order, Bones and movies during the day.  I have never  been a Soap Opera person.  My mother used to watch Days of Our Lives every day.  She never missed an opportunity to watch her stories.  My great-grandmother was the same.  But I was never hooked except for..... ...more

spelling bee.

I just finished reading a book, the title and author of which I won't disclose. ...more

Fresh Pick for today: THE BRIDEGROOM by Linda Lael Miller

The Bridegroom by Linda Lael Miller ...more

On slightly discomforting the classics (but everyone hugged at the end).

There you were in the library when the Star was a bit younger listening fondly to another Mum reading her son one of the books. "… and then Little Red Riding Hood said ‘What big eyes you have, Grandma!’ ‘All the better to see you with,’ Wolf replied.  ‘What big teeth you have, Grandma!’ said Little Red Riding Hood. And Wolf opened his mouth to reply and at that moment Grandma came back. ‘You’re not Grandma!’ exclaimed Little Red Riding Hood, amazed. ...more

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

My son has loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series from Rick Riordan. So much that when it became time for his Birthday Party that's what he wanted, a Percy Jackson and the Olympian’s Party.  Unless you are currently in elementary or junior high school you may have never heard of Percy Jackson… it is a wonderful series of books about a young unlikely hero and Greek Mythology come to life in the modern age.  My husband  has read all 5 books aloud to Ben, who listened with rapt attention and loved them. So, when his birthday rolled around he asked for a Percy Jackson party. ...more

I'm not in middle school but I have indeed read Percy Jackson (except for the most recent one, ...more

New Books to Check out in August

The scorching hot days of June gave way to very mild and pleasant days in July (what a switch!). Add to that regular rainfalls and my veggie garden is growing by leaps and bounds. Instead of doing a lot of reading in July, I was busy picking produce and then canning tomatoes, green beans and pickle relish, as well as freezing a lot of sweet corn. Yes, I’m a country girl married to a country boy, living in the country (but not too far from the city), so we don’t mind (too much!) the hard work involved, especially when it means such wonderful food to enjoy in the winter. ...more

Sorry about the lack of paragraph breaks, still ...more

Fresh Fiction.. Fresh Pick Book is LION HEART

Lion Heart by Doranna Durgin ...more

Sony Readers Come Out Fighting

The fight is on! Sony Readers remain less expensive than the Amazon Kindle. Sony Readers are available in more countries the than Amazon Kindle. Recent moves from Sony and the additional promise of big announcements on August 25 are adding to the question of whether Sony Reader is going to be able to conquer the Amazon Kindle after all. ...more

I'm pleased to hear that they will be opening the format. 


FAKING IT! - Meet Hank Phillippi Ryan

Raise your hand—who loves designer purses? We all do. They’re gorgeous, glamorous and desirable—and they look like they cost a million bucks. But wait—you see them in discount stores and on street vendors' tables.  Why? Because many of those hot-looking bags are phony.   ...more