Color My World

I don’t know anyone who admits to coloring within the lines when they were kids. Coloring outside the lines was a sign that you refused to accept the rigid dictates of uptight coloring book manufacturers and compulsive kindergarten teachers. It was a badge of freedom and creativity and, for some, poor fine motor skills. It was how the more inhibited of us let our freak flags fly....more

Racing for Home, NaBloPoMo Day 14

 "Racing for Home" This stained glass window now sits at the top of the stairs...more

For Just a Moment

I cook for the family just about every day, sometimes twice a day.  I usually enjoy cooking.  I'll pour a little wine, put on some music and just move around the kitchen like it's a delicate dance.  This dance needs to be just right to make sure dinner comes out as delicious as I would like.  Since having Silly Baby my cooking balance has been thrown off and it has lost some of its fun.  When he was an infant, I had to cook with him in a carrier because he did not like to be put down....more

Day 21 - What's Next?

 I loved the TV show "The West Wing" for many reasons.Today, o...more

How I Carry 100 Books in my Purse

All about the advent of ebooks and e-readers that let you carry hundreds of books around with you in your purse....more

Starting my blog

Hello.  I have spent time reading a lot on BlogHer today and have taken the leap and started my own blog.  I love writing and sharing my love of cooking, baking, all type crafts and most of all my family.  I also love to take pictures so expect to see many of them here.I can not wait to share my love of quilting, knitting/crocheting, jewelry making, etc. as well as pick up as many tips from y'all as I can....more

Where did that skill come from?

Like a lot of parents, I often think about the nature/nurture influences on my son. In addition to his daddy's captivating eyes will he inherit a love of playing music, too? My little guy has already showed some proficiency at telling stories like his Mom, but will that skill continue as he grows older?...more

Keeping up with Mrs. Jones

I know lots of moms. Some are crafty, some are incredibly active and others are unbelievably excellent cooks. Then there are the ones who make the whole work/life thing look ridiculously easy. It's that last set of moms that get to us. The ones who seem to have the perfect children, house, marriage - the ones that make us question how we are lacking in our own lives....more

Telling tales at home

I'm big on people having hobbies. Things that they enjoy outside of work and parenthood. They provide great examples of "parents are people too" to our children (or grandchildren). And hopefully these hobbies are activities which can be shared with little ones as they get older....more

WHEN A HOBBY SHOULD STAY A HOBBY.....Change Your Attitude to Change Your Life...THOUGHTS....BE FABULOUS

WHEN A HOBBY SHOULD STAY A HOBBY AND NOT A CAREER…..I often hear stories of how people turned their hobby into a money making career. I applaud those people who do that. I think it is very possible to do that…..but I also think more often than not a hobby or even a passion is best left for enjoyment rather than to build a financial or career life around it…..Yes, Seek our Passion, but sometimes our passion does not always pay the bills…...more