Telling tales at home

I'm big on people having hobbies. Things that they enjoy outside of work and parenthood. They provide great examples of "parents are people too" to our children (or grandchildren). And hopefully these hobbies are activities which can be shared with little ones as they get older....more

WHEN A HOBBY SHOULD STAY A HOBBY.....Change Your Attitude to Change Your Life...THOUGHTS....BE FABULOUS

WHEN A HOBBY SHOULD STAY A HOBBY AND NOT A CAREER…..I often hear stories of how people turned their hobby into a money making career. I applaud those people who do that. I think it is very possible to do that…..but I also think more often than not a hobby or even a passion is best left for enjoyment rather than to build a financial or career life around it…..Yes, Seek our Passion, but sometimes our passion does not always pay the bills…...more

On a Budget? How About a Day Trip?

You're welcome! I'm happy to hear that you enjoy day trips too. I'd love to hear about your day ...more

Creativity Inventory

Just for fun - and because list-making is one of my true and lasting loves - I've gone back and scoured the furthest recesses of my brain to come up with a (hopefully comprehensive) compilation of the leisure-time, hobby-type, creative activities I've learned (or, in far too many cases, attempted and abandoned) in the past. It actually turned out to be QUITE a list! ...more
Denise  Oh, I like the half and half idea - especially now that I have a paper cutter and a ...more

Try Something New

We've all tried something new at some point in time. Lots of things, actually. But when is the last time you tried something new?Is it important to try new things? It is scary to try new things? Do the benefits outweigh the risk of trying new things? I think the answers are- Yes; It can be; Most of the time, yes....more

Grandparents Challenge: Share a hobby with my son

My son is a lucky little guy. He has three sets of wonderful grandparents who love him to pieces. They think he is adorable (and he is), they love to brag about him (and he is brag-worthy) and they all read this blog (hi, everyone!) So, with all that in mind: I have a challenge for them:...more

NABLOPOMO - The days are too short... or, are they?

What do you wish you had more time to do each day? Now this is an interesting question, one that threatens to send me off in philosophical directions...I lead a busy life. Nobody who knows me would ever argue about that. The farm keeps me pretty busy, I write at least one book a year, I work as a freelance publicist, review books, lead workshops, give school presentations, perform as a storyteller, do occasional radio appearances, and, most recently, have started recording audio books....more

Playtime - daily post

Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?Do I play?  Yes.  I do.  Play looks like a lot of things to me!  Writing’s one of those things that play also looks like… but I don’t have a picture for it.  Writing, I think, when done well, is a lot of just playing with words.  Thanks for this prompt, WordPress!...more

Sewing and Strength

I’m going to admit something right now. I’m not proud of this. I have gone through the entire summer without sewing a gosh darned thing. ...more
@Velvet S. Thanks for reading! Haha! You can get back into it if you want! Sometimes the hardest ...more

Finding "Me" Time After Having Kids

I recently started taking a course to become a Certificated Lactation Educator-Counselor (CLEC). It's an intense, six-week course that is giving me a firm background in the basics of lactation, including how to assist new mothers with breastfeeding questions, teach breastfeeding classes to expectant parents, and engage in intelligent dialog about the importance of breastfeeding. I'm having a terrific time in the course. I haven't been in school in quite a while, and I never enjoyed taking a class as much as I'm enjoying this one....more