To The Murderer Probably In My Attic

I had just gotten home after a long day and I really needed to relax.Well…….. I say “long day.” but what that really means is that I had to wear grown up adult clothes at work all day, then on top of that the Fates turned against me and I had to go grocery shopping AND to the Post Office on the same day! Which is just too cruel.So I went home and I decided to take a super long bath, because that’s what adults do when they don’t drink or do meth, but they still need to unwind....more

'The Babadook' review: classic horror that will genuinely creep you out

I have to start this out by saying that The Babadook was one of the best horror films I've seen in years. It doesn't rely on cheap scares or special effects. Instead, it's a character story, and its real horror comes from the relationship between the film's characters....more


Once again it is Friday and time for story telling in 100 or so words by Friday Fictioneers.  It is hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  I am screaming and howling out my tall tale of 100 words.  Do you know how stress relieving that can be?  Try it for yourself and see.  I tell no lies - no much....more

A Cornish Tale - Part 4

It was Councillor Jackson…...more

Halloween Memories — Barbara Steele

Original post on xoxoxo e...more

It Really Happened to My Best Friend’s Cousin’s Boyfriend’s Sister

I love watching horror movies. And by “love,” I mean sometimes I cover my eyes or bury my head in the Kiefer’s shoulder. (You know what makes me feel better? Gift baskets. With Pop-Tarts.) I watched the first Paranormal Activity movie* by myself....more

Oscars Predictions 2010: Who Should Win, Who Will Win

Hollywood's biggest night is just days away, and the question on everyone's lips in Tinseltown is, "How the hell are we going to get through the night with ten Best Picture nominations!? That's right, ladies and gents, in case you've forgotten, when it came to Best Picture nomination, this year the Academy instituted the emergency "Dark Knight rule." ...more

I think "The Lovely Bones" is a really nice and heart warming story. It lacked the dramatic ...more

10 Women Who Should Have Won The Oscar for Best Director -- Sort Of

When you look at the title of this post, you might think, "Hmm, which of the many women nominated for Best Director should have won the Academy Award?" Well, the problem with that is you'd have to stop and remind yourself that in the history of the Oscars, only four women have been nominated for Best Director. Only four. ...more

Kathryn Bigelow really sets the motion for female directors to get really recognized in the ...more

Calling Loudly, “J.D. Salinger”

In 1941, J.D. Salinger had seven stories rejected by The New Yorker. Apparently undaunted, he submitted an eighth the same year, "Slight Rebellion off Madison," which was accepted. BUT, it was about a disaffected teenager (can you guess his name?) nervous about the war, and in the wake of Pearl Harbor was deemed unpublishable - so did not see print for another five years....more