From Chastity to Chaz

I was born in 1963, which makes me 45 years old (for just a few more months.) This is important because it means that I grew up watching The Sonny & Cher show. I LOVED The Sonny & Cher show. I mean you didn't see women like Cher walking through the Piggly Wiggly and you certainly didn't see women talk to their husbands the way Cher talked to hers. And then there was Chastity. The best shows were the ones where Chastity appeared, usually singing "I Got You Babe" along with her parents. I loved that. ...more

shows up each time the subject of transfolk is broached. I get that for most, it is a figure of ...more

Stunt Vaginas on the Big Screen

I was at girls' night out, complaining about how I hate that scene in the movie Knocked Up when Katherine Heigl’s character is giving birth and one of the stoner roommates walks into the delivery room and runs out because he sees her vagina. ...more

My husband just informed me that SAG cards are only for speaking actors so the Stunt Vagina ...more

Oscars Predictions 2010: Who Should Win, Who Will Win

Hollywood's biggest night is just days away, and the question on everyone's lips in Tinseltown is, "How the hell are we going to get through the night with ten Best Picture nominations!? That's right, ladies and gents, in case you've forgotten, when it came to Best Picture nomination, this year the Academy instituted the emergency "Dark Knight rule." ...more

I think "The Lovely Bones" is a really nice and heart warming story. It lacked the dramatic ...more

American Idol Recap: The Top 20 Try For Redemption

And some of them succeed. Last week, the Top 24 had a rocky start. The boys were almost universally atrocious, and the girls rarely surpassed mediocre. ...more

I missed the show last night and didn't even realize you were spot-on until I saw a results show ...more

Childfree Oscar Stars

Check out – it has a post with photos on childfree Oscar stars including: Helen Mirren, Sandra Bullock, Liza Minelli, Charlese Theron, Hillary Swank, Stockard Channing, Queen Latifah, Penelope Cruz, Angelica Houston, Benicio Del Toro, Ed Norton, Christopher Walken, Quentin Tarantino, George Cloo...more

‘The Bachelor’ TV Recap, Finale: Jake’s 'Incredible Journey' Concludes With a Proposal

[Cue Swan Song]. And. So. It. Is. The island of St. Lucia will not only be remembered for its breathtaking valleys and sparkling blue waters, but now it will be forever associated with ‘Bachelor’ Jake’s love bomb. A love bomb that inspired a whole nation of TV viewers–even Ole Granny–to want to toke it up to ease the pain. To phrase it in Jake’s vernacular: Gosh, what a difficult decision and amazing, magical journey we’ve been on. Gee, that maverick sure did follow his heart!...more

Oscar Award-Winning Best Actresses from 2000 to Now

Inspired by Julie & Julia, by the end of the decade of the naughts, and by the upcoming Academy Awards show, I issued myself a challenge. The plan: to watch each Best Actress Oscar-winning performance from the last decade, and then to blog my thoughts here. I wanted to see the decade unfold through the talent of women, and to intentionally honor their important work as it can sometimes feel swallowed in the context of a still very male-dominated Hollywood. ...more

I think Julia Roberts was at her prime in her role in Erin Brockovich. It has been going down ...more

TV’s Traveling Chef

Anthony Bourdain continues to question other chef’s skills, write books and still has time to wander the globe in search of good food on his Emmy winning Travel Channel TV series, “No Reservations”.  Now in his 6th season, our traveling Chef doesn’t use the word “gourmet” – but, he does intone the word “simple” a lot. Plain simple French bistro eats, simple, fiery Indian street food, plain simple family style Italian food, and so on....more

American Idol Recap: Here We Go, Here We Go, Here We Go! The Top 24 for Season 9

It was definitely Ladies Night for the Top 24. Now that we're past all the delusional people of the audition episodes and the manufactured drama of Hollywood Week, we are getting down to business, and I am kicking off my recaps. Welcome to American Idol Season 9, and the Top 24.Lilly Scott image courtesy Fox...more

So, i haven't seen the women yet.

Glad to hear I have improvement to look forward ...more