NBC's "Parenthood" Has Promise (and Lorelai Gilmore)

NBC's new family drama "Parenthood" may actually get me back to watching the Peacock Network on a regular basis. First, because it brings Lorelai Gilmore herself, the delightfully talented Lauren Graham, back to TV; and second, because after watching a preview of the pilot, I found I liked it.  It had just enough humor to keep me chuckling and just enough drama to make me care....more

It is very famous more

Guilty Pleasure Movies: My Secret Oscars

For every "best of" list, you can bet there's going to be a "worst of" counterpart. For instance, right on the heels of this year's Oscar nomination list comes the Golden Raspberry Foundation's Razzie award list, with nominations for worst actress, worst actor, worst picture and so on. ...more

I saw The Ugly Truth only for Gerard Butler, and I almost could not stomach that much cliché ...more

2010 Winter Olympics and March Madness

The Bachelor TV Recap: The Women Tell All, Rozlyn Fails

The estrogen levels did not disappoint on 'The Women Tell All' showdown, especially when the vengeful Rozlyn Papa came onto the scene. She was mean, nasty, and a total tool--undone by her own fibs. But what did disappoint, you ask so feverishly? It would've been nice if the audience could've asked some stinkin' questions! And by the by, multi-colored shades of orange via tanning beds doesn't count as diversity. Here are the highlights that'll make you chew up your rose petals and spit 'em out... Rejects Reunite!...more

10 Women Who Should Have Won The Oscar for Best Director -- Sort Of

When you look at the title of this post, you might think, "Hmm, which of the many women nominated for Best Director should have won the Academy Award?" Well, the problem with that is you'd have to stop and remind yourself that in the history of the Oscars, only four women have been nominated for Best Director. Only four. ...more

Kathryn Bigelow really sets the motion for female directors to get really recognized in the ...more

Project Runway Recap: The Top 11 Get Small. Really Small.

This week's episode was a first-ever challenge: Design a "fashion-forward" look for a little girl. Out trotted 11 little girls between the ages of five and eight ... some of whom looked completely shell-shocked and freaked out to be on TV. But hey, I'm sure their parents would say they were all there because they wanted to be, and they couldn't possibly keep their children from that tremendous inner drive to be reality TV stars. ...more

I thought this episode was so fun to watch.  Seth Aaron's style is so cool, my 12 year ...more

Bafta, Bafta, Bafta...

Like many movie buffs and film fans (I have been informed there is a difference between the two) I await awards season with a mixture of excitement and pre-conceived disappointment....more

Sins of the Mother: Watching a Fellow Blogger's Writing Dreams Come True

With little risk of being wrong, I'll say, "Most women have an issue with their mothers." They may not have a big Oprah-show-worthy issue with Mom, maybe not even a priest or therapist-worthy issue, possibly not even a sleepless-night irritation, but somewhere deep in her soul, a woman has some kind of matter about mother that pricks her with questions: What does my mother's womanhood teach me or not teach me, and what does my mother's womanhood say about my womanhood? ...more

Yay!! One more through the gates of authorship. Always a thrill to see hard work pay off. ...more

My Nominations for the Opposite Oscars: Worst Movies of the Year

I don't have what is commonly referred to as a Bucket List because I think they are a smarmy blend of pretension, bean counting, cheesy self-help and, on the Internet, competitiveness for sponsorship, and who needs that mess? Plus the Bucket List movie was a time drain, which was frustratingly ironic, because no one writes "see another crappy movie" on their Bucket List. ...more

The Razzies!  Maybe I can settle by attending the Razzies,though they almost always pick ...more

The iPad Competes Against ... Nothing. And I Think It Will Do Well.

Once I got over the ridiculous name —- and thank you, HuffPo, for sharing the Mad TV sketch that long predates the iPad announcement —- I started to see how the new Apple iPad fits in the current market. It doesn't. That's right, it doesn't. And I predict it's going to be a pretty big success, too. ...more

This new Ipad makes me feel like a kid again.  Even though I know it's not a toy, I know ...more