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Education in the Stimulus Package

Now that the U.S. economic stimulus package has finally made its way through Congress, it's time to take a closer look at what's actually in the bill for formal and informal education. Despite Republican protests that many educational projects amounted to pork, the stimulus bill--thank goodness--does contain some money for education, research, and the arts. You may have heard that Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) initially had 73 Senators sign on to a stimulus amendment he authored: ...more

Porsche Opens Amazing new Museum in Germany

Ingenious ideas, fascinating technology, and legendary cars certainly deserve to be presented in an appropriate setting:  Porsche  offers all of this at its new museum, which opened in December 2008 in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany. ...more

Smithsonian 2.0

Last week the "digilluminati" gathered in Washington, D.C. for an invitation-only gathering of minds dubbed "Smithsonian 2.0." If you think the word "museum" denotes an institution that concerns itself only with the past, you're in for a pleasant surprise because many museums the world over have been plunging into the social media waters to extend their learning (and, OK, marketing) opportunities. When an institution as large as the Smithsonian jumps into the 2.0 pool, you can expect there will be more waves than ripples. ...more

Excellent event coverage. If you want to see women under-represented go to a Smithsonian ...more

"Let us not tarry in midair" Artist Alice Cathrall

Shepherding in a new era

Everyone is trying to be like Shepard Fairey. Shepard Fairey's mixed media original of the famous Obama campaign poster ...more

"Welcome to my hanging."

There's a scandal going on in Washington, and, for once, it's got something to do with art! When George W. Bush unveiled his White House portrait recently, the President's painted likeness was just the latest in a string of overpriced official portraits. ...more

Does the U.S. need a secretary for culture?

Late last month, former National Endowment for the Humanities Chair William Ferris opined in the New York Times that the Obama administration needs a cabinet-level position "to provide more cohesive leadership" for several federal cultural institutions and programs, including "the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Library of Congress, the National Archives, NPR, PBS and the Smithsonian Institution." Pundits who are usually eager to weigh in on presidential cabinet ...more

Thank you for all this information!  I just signed the petition.  I think this position would ...more