A “LOVE”-ly Affair

If you’re a fan of the Creations By Sasha Facebook page, you would have already seen all the goodies that I’m going to share today (and if you’re not go over there now and like the page…go on…I’ll wait…). I share a lot of fun things on Facebook that don’t always make it onto the blog, but today I wanted to make sure my blog readers didn’t miss out on the fun! Valentine’s Day is a little less than a month away and I know that some of you guys are folks who will use any holiday to throw a party!...more

Beat the post-holiday blues with a Cabin Fever party

The holidays are over and in many places around our country, the snow and cold temperatures are keeping everyone inside. There's nothing worse that being cooped up--it's a sure fire way to get a tough case of Cabin Fever....more

Bachelorette Parties, Penis Straws and the VIP Section

"So, how much would it be to get a table?" I asked this question to the bounciest of bounce-bag bouncers who was currently checking my ID to grant me entrance into one of the trendiest bars in town.   It was my good friend's bachelorette party and I was really only asking because I more so wanted somewhere to put my purse and be able to order a drink without getting my leg humped rather than flaunt the bottle service.  "Oh yeah, that's not gonna happen," was his oh so kind response....more
My friends had the dare card game at my bachelorette party last fall. The bartender would NOT ...more

Awesome Adult Party Bags!

Happy Wednesday, People!! We're half way through the week!!  ...more

Sunday Snapshots

Another busy weekend...I'm pretty sure all of the weekends around Christmas are insanely busy. We had a great weekend and have another Christmas party tonight (at our house). One of my favorite things about this time of year is that you get to see friends that you don't always get to see. There's so much joy during the Christmas season...seeing friends and family, the joy on kids faces and there's nothing better than the joy that comes from all of the amazing cooking....more

Not a Chip off This Block

John and I were both well-behaved children, responsible, excelling in school without parental prompting, never giving our parents worry or trouble.That's why I think Karma is bullshit.No, seriously, my kids aren't that bad.   But they aren't carbon copies of me and John either, which I guess is what I was maybe expecting.I see this all the time in a multitude of ways, and I thought about it again last week at Lorelei's 9th birthday party....more

Awkward Friend Moments: You're Not Invited To My Party!

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I am planning a surprise party for my husband. I decided not to invite an old friend because we've grown apart and she and her husband never show up for anything, anyway. Of course, I was standing in a store with a giant cardboard cutout of my husband that I had made for the party and I run into her. So awkward. I think I mumbled something about being late for a doctor's appointment and ran out of there practically tripping over the cardboard cutout. What do I do now? I feel terrible.Signed,What Makes You Think I'm Having a Party?!...more
As if adult friendships weren't hard enough, this definitely is something I could see happening ...more

Kicking Off Football Season With a Chili Party

Yesterday marked one of my favorite and also least favorite days of the year - the start of football season. Now don't get me wrong- I really and truly love football and I won't miss a single Packers game if I can help it, but the joy of rooting on my favorite team means saying goodbye to my husband until early February. (Which is incidentally around the time our baby is due- just watch me go into labor on Super Bowl Sunday!) ...more
we did this for our kick off party. Next time, we'll have to add the ...more

4 Keys to Simple, Beautiful Kitchen Entertaining

I used to have a lot of anxiety about entertaining.  Having people over meant at least a day, if not two, of intense work and preparation. I don't know if I read too much Martha, but a dinner party was a BIG DEAL. ...more

Bacon Pizza Puffs Make Your Kitchen Even More Inviting

Have you ever spent hours cleaning the whole house before guests come over, and in the end they don't go anywhere but your kitchen? ...more
Must try these. I think my kids would love. Thanks for posting.more